Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306 Green Cloud Sect Is Here 1

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Seeing that Huang Yueli was slightly unhappy, Li Moying finally smiled and said in a conceded tone,Alright, youve already said that youre Young Sect Masters fiance, so how can we not allow you to enter the mystic region? Rest assured!

Huang Yueli looked up as she gave him a chilly glance, Not going to despise a fourth stage realm practitioner like me from obstructing your way?

Li Moying laughed out as he gently held her slender waist, How could that be possible? Our number one Armament Master willing to lower her status to form a team with me, that should be my honour!

Huang Yueli then spoke satisfactorily in a pampered arrogant tone, Hmph, at least you know how to talk!

Li Lingchuan had never thought that Li Moying would bring Huang Yueli into the mystic region together because normally, for a seventh stage realm expert like Li Moying, having a fourth stage realm lass around was a troublesome thing.

If they only went to safe places, then theres no meaning in going to the mystic regions. But if they were to go take risks, they would easily be dragged down by people of lower cultivation.

He had never imagined that under the heavens there was someone as illogical as Huang Yueli existed?

In actual fact, Li Moying was still a little worried about Huang Yuelis safety but he had the confidence to protect Huang Yueli. Moreover this young lass loved to take risks naturally so even if he wanted to stop her, he wasnt able to so he might as well not waste his energy in doing so.


Two days later, the people from Green Cloud Sect had arrived.

As Green Cloud Sects Sect Master brought along a few Elders, so it was such an exceptionally festive occasion that even Murong De and the rest put on their formal clothes as they gave them a warm welcome at the entrance of the Sect.

Li Moying also gave Murong De some face as he went out to welcome them as well.

Huang Yueli was merely an outer disciple so she had no rights to follow the Sect Master around, nor did she want to be the limelight.

But as Su Qingyue and the others went on ahead to join in the bustle, so she tagged along with them.

When Green Cloud Sects flying ship descended, it looked even more luxurious and grander than Celestial Light Sects and the grandeur was magnificent, it was evident that the intent of suppressing Celestial Light Sect from the start was there.

Hearing the surroundings echoing with phrases such as so pretty and so incredible, Huang Yueli frowned.

From the looks of this, Green Cloud Sect obviously came with malicious intent.

If they were really sincere in the talk on cooperation, then did they need to use such a provocative manner for this visit?

Not much long later, Green Cloud Sects Sect Master alighted from the flying ship.

Green Cloud Sects Sect Master was Cui Yuan Shan. Huang Yueli heard of his name long ago and he should be around the same age as Murong De this year and was also a ninth stage realm top expert. But although they were both ninth stage realm practitioners, but the disparity between their abilities was huge. Cui Yuan Shans total power as compared to Murong Des had stood out by a huge chunk.

Cui Yuan Shan walked to the entrance of the mountain bearing an arrogant look, as he greeted Murong De in a neither cold nor warm attitude.

Younger Brother Murong, Id not expected for us to meet so quickly once again!

Murong Des expression stiffened a little but following by a cold harrumph, he replied, Thats right, we meet again in such a short amount of time, its really unexpected! Originally I had assumed that with Brother Cuis arrogance, after losing so terribly in the tournament which was held before, you would take quite a long while before you appear in front of us!

Cui Yuan Shans expression finally changed as his moustache curled upwards from his anger.

This this was just a slip up! Moreover you are just plain lucky to have taken in such a good disciple! It wasnt because of your own ability so whats there to be complacent about?

Murong De saw that he was infuriated so his smile became even happier, Look at what youre saying! At our current age, cultivation is something which is difficult to proceed any further. So we can only compare between our disciples. To teach our disciples in the correct way is the greatest ability!