Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307 Green Cloud Sect Is Here 2

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Hearing their conversation, the outer disciples crowded around were all puzzled.

Whats the situation? Wasnt it said that Green Cloud Sects Sect Master is specially here to pay a visit to our Celestial Light Sect? Why does it seem like. They came with ill intentions!

Sigh, you must be a newcomer? No wonder you dont understand the situation! A few months ago, Green Cloud Sects Sect Master brought along a bunch of disciples saying that they were here to have an exchange. In the end, they were beaten badly by our Young Sect Master as they ran back to their sect with their tails tucked behind! You tell me, how could our relationship be good at all?

Oh? What? Something like that happened?

Whats the point for me to bluff you? You see the young man dressed in navy blue robe just standing behind Sect Master Cui? Hes Sect Masters eldest disciple Leng Yi Feng. I heard that hes a ninth grade talent! In the end haha, he totally wasnt a match for our Young Sect Master!

Wow, then our Young Sect Master is really powerful. Little wonder that hes the male god of Celestial Light Sect!

But that Mister Leng is also not bad looking, refined and elegant.

So what about that? As long as he goes against Young Sect Master, that means hes an enemy of Celestial Light Sect! Dont you dare be smitten towards our enemy!

The number of disciples he brought along werent very little but the most outstanding was the one who followed closely and he should be Leng Yi Feng who the other disciples were gossiping about.

Leng Yi Feng indeed was a man of talent. Just from his imposing manner, he should be around sixth stage realm between seventh or eighth level and he looked stronger than Li Lingchuan and Murong Fei.

Besides him, Cui Yuan Shan also brought along five to six other disciples who were all sixth stage realm and above. It was a magnificent scene to see them all standing there.

But no matter how many strong and powerful disciples there were in Green Cloud Sect, there wasnt any use at all. Celestial Light Sect only needed one Li Moying and was enough to shine over the others.

Cui Yuan Shan was ridiculed by Murong De so his expression was steely green. It took him quite some time to suppress the anger in his heart as he gave a few cold harrumphs.

Younger Brother Murong, you still have the cheek to say you know how to teach your disciple? Do you believe that if I were Mister Lis master, he might already had reach eighth stage realm by now. Following you is obviously a huge delay! Mister Li, why not you consider again. If you wish to come over to Green Cloud Sect, just feel free to open your mouth!

Hearing that, Murong De seemed as like his cat tail was trodden on as he almost jumped up!

Brother Cui, poaching another Sects disciples is something which is against the societys rules! If youre not afraid that the other Sects would get together to go against you, just wait and see!

Yo, why so uptight. You know that you dont have enough ability so youre really afraid your disciple will run away? Cui Yuan Shan continued with his sarcasm.

Li Moying didnt showed much reaction but Leng Feng Yi on the other hand, clenched his fists tightly, trying his best to suppress his emotions but he still revealed some hints of jealousy and hatred.

He was once someone who was flushed with success, one whom the entire Sect had treated as a moon by the crowd, thinking that he was the best candidate to revive their Sect.

In the end? The last time Cui Yuan Shan brought him to Celestial Light Sect for a showdown, he originally was on the winning side. But whoever knew that just as all the other Celestial Light Sects disciples were all beaten flat, this Li Moying suddenly came rushing over.

Li Moying was travel worn and hadnt even changed out of his sweat drenched clothes when he ran up the stage and make his moves again him.

At that time, Leng Feng Yi was still laughing in his heart. with such a condition like that, was he thinking of winning a genius like himself?