Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 Green Cloud Sect Is Here 3

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But in the end, he was severely hit in the face!

Li Moying defeated him in a jiffy and later on, it was as though he had swatted dead a housefly, he perfunctory cupped one fist in the other hand and left.

From the start to the end, Li Moying didnt even look at him in the eye, making Leng Feng Yi suspect that even until this day, if Li Moying knew who the person whom he had defeated was?

As for now, his Master actually said such things to Murong De publicly! Although it looked like a joke, but Leng Feng Yi knew clearly that his Master had been coveting Li Moying for a long time!

If Li Moying really came to Green Cloud Sect, then would he Leng Feng Yi still had any standing?

Leng Feng Yi was feeling jealous and was filled with hatred as he looked towards Li Moying.

Li Moying seemed as though he had sensed his gaze as he silently swept a glance at him.

Leng Feng Yu had just exchanged glances for just one second but felt as though he had been struck by lightning as his entire body shook!

Because that pair of eyes was just too deep, as abstruse as the nether world, and gloomy and melancholic, making one had the jitters! It was too terrifying!

At the same time, Murong De was repeatedly being ridiculed as he also started to became anxious. Facing Cui Yuan Shan, he totally had no stand at all and the words he said were extremely fictitious.

Hmph, that one surnamed Cui, dont even think of using these lousy schemes to strain us Master and disciple relationship. Moying had grown up in Celestial Light Sect since young and he had deep set feelings towards the Sect, so he will absolutely not do anything to betray our Sect!

Ha ha, I think Master Li is just giving you face so he finds it ill at east to say it out. Actually he knows clearly that just a mere Celestial Light Sect, the water is too shallow so it cannot accommodate a submerged dragon like him. Master Li, am I right to say that? Cui Yuan Shan continued to chuckle.

Frankly speaking, for a genius like Li Moying, he knew that even his Green Cloud Sect couldnt accommodate him. But why was Celestial Light Sects luck so good that they casually took one a disciple of his calibre like that? This kinda dog-sh*t luck really made one jealous! He just wanted to take a dig at Murong De.

When Murong De heard that, he couldnt laugh at all.

The few of them all looked towards Li Moying, not knowing how he would reply.

Li Moyings gaze swept past those few people in Green Cloud Sect and expressionlessly replied, Thank you Sect Master Cui for your good intentions but I, Li Moying is a man of sentimental values. That year it was Master who saved me when I almost died in the snowy ground. He brought me back to the Sect and I will never forget this gratitude forever. So unless Celestial Light Sect wants to drive me away, forcing me to leave, otherwise I will absolutely not leave Celestial Light Sect!

The speed of his tone was very slow, but each word was extremely clear and distinct, so elegant and valuable that no one doubted the actuality of his words at all.

When Murong De heard what he said, the huge stone weighing on his heart immediately dropped onto the ground.

He revealed a smile as he said to Cui Yuan Shan, Ha ha, this disciple of mine is so sentimental and loyal, even the words he says are so direct! Sigh, sometimes I also feel like Im in a difficult position. His character is so straight, so he might meet with some villains who dont have any eyes so what should we do?

Although he said difficult position, but in actual fact his heart was blooming with flowers!

He had not expected Li Moying to stand up for him, especially in front of Cui Yuan Shan, these words simply added more glow on his face!

Just seeing Cui Yuan Shans envious and infuriated expression, his waist was no longer sore and his feet no longer hurt. His entire condition couldnt be any better, as he was even happier than when he first broke through to the ninth stage realm!

In total, just one word, refreshing!