Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 Green Cloud Sect Is Here 4

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At this particular moment, Murong De was feeling extremely lucky that he hadnt listened to Murong Fei a few days ago to deal with Li Moyings fiance.

If Li Moying could stay on in Celestial Light Sect forever, standing up for Celestial Light Sect, then whats the difference on whom he married? He originally wanted Murong Fei to marry him was exactly because he was afraid that Li Moyings wings would grow so strong that he would run away one fine day?

Now, Li Moying had already clearly stated his attitude.

Regarding Celestial Light Sects matters, there was no way that he wouldnt care about it but Celestial Light Sect was not able to force him to do things which he didnt want to do.

Murong De wasnt silly as well so he knew that what he was referring to was his own marriage.

Speaking about this, Murong De had no way of opposing to what he said. Instead he couldnt wait to go pull strings with Li Moyings rumoured fiance. For that young lass to win such great favour, it meant that she stood a huge place in Li Moyings heart so she was someone who he couldnt afford to offend!

However, Cui Yuan Shans expression turned ugly!

Li Moyings words were equivalent to slapping his face. His poaching was openly rejected and to such an embarrassing degree, this as compared to Leng Feng Yi being defeated in one strike was almost the same!

He thought that Li Moying wouldnt dared to offend a ninth stage realm practitioner and would at least leave him some face!

In the end, how would Cui Yuan Shan knew that Li Moying had already regained part of Mu Chengyings memories. He had met plenty of ninth stage realm practitioners in the past and without any exception, they were all defeated by him so why would he care about Cui Yuan Shan at all?

Cui Yuan Shans expression turned green and white.

Murong De on the other hand seemed flushed with success as he broke out into a broad smile to welcome his guests.

Come, come on, Brother Cui, lets stop blocking the entrance to chat, hurry on into the Sect! After we parted ways that day, I really missed those times when we were together so Ive specially set up a banquet in the main hall of the Sect to welcome all of you! Youve been over to Celestial Light Sects main hall, do you still remember it? Thats the exact same main hall where the last tournament was held, when Moying suddenly appeared and defeated every opponent he met!

Huang Yueli looked at the departing figures of these group of people and couldnt help but rolled her eyes towards the sky.

Although Cui Yuan Shan and the rests backs were facing her and she couldnt see their expressions, but using her butt to think, she knew that every in Green Cloud Sect were probably going mad from fury?

As the saying went, dont hit ones face when youre having a fight. Murong De intentionally mentioned the last event where they were beaten hands down and even set the banquet at where they had been defeated.

Murong Des skill at infuriating others really didnt lose out to Murong Fei at all! No wonder theyre biological father and daughter.

But on account that they treated Li Moying pretty well, she could still barely force herself to believe that he was a good guy!

After Huang Yueli was done with watching the show, she returned to the courtyard.

She gauged that Li Moying wouldnt be back so early so she thought about going into the Armament refining room to refine some small stuff.

But before she even lit the fire, Mo Yi came knocking on the door.

Third Miss, Master sent a message earlier saying that he hopes that you can accompany him to entertain the valuable guests from Green Cloud Sect at the banquet this evening.

Huang Yueli went into a blank for a moment and immediately replied, Banquet? Im not interested, not going.

Although she loved bustles, but she hated to entertain other people. So for this kind of hypocritical event where she had to speak according to what kind of people she met, she rarely attended in her past life.

Li Moying was almost the same and if he was forced to join in such events, he would usually put on his cold face and not speak a single word from the start till the end. When others say him, they were usually afraid and there were few who had the qualifications to strike up a conversation with him so this was a major embarrassment.

What was wrong with Li Moying today, for him to ask her to join in the banquet?