Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Enduring To The Point Of Internal Injuries
Chapter 131 Enduring to the point of internal injuries

Everyone immediately began to sympathise with her once they saw her forlorn and pitiful expression.

On top of this, all those people witnessed the dispute between the two earlier. Especially those who attended the auction earlier.

At once, those who held a large sense of justice stepped up to testify.

It cant be? How could Second Miss Bai speak like this? What occurred then, I trust everyone saw?

Thats right. At the time, Second Miss Bai personally agreed to the gamble in front of everyone! There are thousands of witnesses!

Correct. You cant possibly wish to deny your debt because of the huge loss you suffered right? But if you were to speak of it, to use one hundred and thirty thousand silvers to buy one bottle of Spirit Raising Pills is excessively high.

Hey, what losses did she suffer? Clearly it was she who slandered her cousin first, resulting in the gamble between the two. So the money she is to pay is something she deserves, no?

Right. Who knew that a stately Young Miss from Wu Wei Manor would renege on her debts? And to think I felt that she was both beautiful and powerful, person who was practically a fairy. But who knew that her character was this appalling? ?

Face beet red, Bai Ruo Qi wished that she could find somewhere to drill a hole to hide as she listened to their discussions.

The importance she placed on her reputation was very great. Although she would act her usual arrogant and despotic ways in the Manor, whenever she was outside Bai Ruo qi would take great care in leaving a kind and magnanimous

But who could predict Huang Yue Lis numerous tricks played in the auction and her currently wailing to the crowd? Everyone now knew of her intentions of debt denial!

If these rumors were to spread out, she would become the laughing stock of the entire capital!

In her fit of fury, Bai Ruo Qi nearly shattered her teeth from her clamping. Only through several long and deep breaths, did she manage to quell a portion of her anger.

Walking to Huang Yue Li, she frowned slightly and said: Third Sister, could you speak about me like this? You misunderstood big sister. I dont have any intentions of denial!

Her voice was unstable as she those words, because what she wanted to do at that very moment was to rip the young girl to shreds. But to keep her good public reputation facade, she must pretend to be the kind hearted and open minded elder sister. This angered her to the point of internal injuries!

Casting her a glance, Huang Yue Li replied to her, Second sister, but you did not say this previously? You saidyou dont remember conducting any kind of gamble with me?

Bai Ruo Qis cheeks twitched ever so slightly.

Aiyo Third Sister, you are such an excitable person! Back there, I misheard you. I thought you were talking about something else! So you were actually talking about the auctions affair? Why didnt you say so earlier? If you had told me earlier, why would I deny this debt?

So it was actually like this

Bai Ruo Qi vigorously nodded her head, Thats correct, it was just like this! Hurry up and come back down Third Sister. As a young girl, to lift up your skirts and climb to such a high is not that elegant.

Using the simple excuse of misunderstanding to muddle past, it would subtly hint that Bai Ruo Li was looking for disharmony if rumors were to spread. Even taking her character as an excuse. Clearly she was shifting the blame all to Huang Yue Lis head.

Mouth hooking up into a sneer, Huang Yue Li jumped down from the parterre platform.

Since this is the case, it wouldnt be proper to delay things any longer. Let us hurry to retrieve those pills then!

All her attention was focused in entering the inner courtyard. While the group of passersby who were unwillingly to scatter just yet, followed her for more entertainment.

Hastily, Bai Ruo Qi attempted to stop her, Third Sister, dont be so hasty! Why dont we wait for a while before taking those pills!

Blinking her eyes in puzzlement, Huang Yue Li asked, Why?

Why? Of course its because she doesnt not have one hundred and thirty-one silvers!

But she could say it out. If it were to be revealed she did not have that much money, wouldnt it be equivalent to denying her debts?

If this were to reach the ears of others,she could not make any other excuses!