Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 My Fiancee 1

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Mo Yi hurriedly said, Third Miss, its best that you go this round. This time I heard that Sect Master wanted to meet you so Young Sect Master specially noted this. Master even said that if you dont like this kind of events, he will not ask you to go next time but for this time, he needs your help..

Since Li Moying had already said this, Huang Yueli had no way to reject.

Alright, then Ill make my way over.

She nodded and just as she was about to stand up, Mo Yi added, Third Miss, Master has already prepared the gown which you will be putting on for the banquet, will you please take a look.

He clapped his hand and a few serving maids carried their own trays as they walked over.

Huang Yueli took a look. A set of exquisite flowing dress was placed on the tray, and it was exactly the same design which she loved in her past life.

Furthermore, this dress was made entirely out of Heaven Arachnid Azure Silk and each silk strand was worth at least ten thousand upper grade spirit stones to weave into clothes. It looked white but with every movement from the wearer, from different angles, the clothes would reflect different lustre and colour, with brilliant flowing lights and it was extremely luxurious.

Ordinary people would use Heaven Arachnid Azure Silk to weave into belts or similar accessories and that was something which was already difficult to obtain. For Li Moying to use it extravagantly to weave into a dress was rarely seen.

When Huang Yueli saw this dress, she was extremely happy. Taking a look at the other serving maids trays with various exquisite accessories she was delighted that they were filled with all those which she loved in her past life.

The corners of her lips couldnt help but raise upwards as her mood turned light and joyous.

The items which Li Moying sent were very expensive but this was secondary. What was most important was that he actually recalled her likes in her past life and after so many years had passed, he hadnt forgotten about it at all. That meant that he really had regained part of his memories and moreover, he finally put her in his heart.

Huang Yueli took the dress and returned to her room to change into it. Then she put on some make-up before following the Shadow Guards which Li Moying had sent over, as she proceeded towards the main hall.

At this moment, Li Moying was standing right outside the main hall waiting for her.

On seeing Huang Yueli, Li Moying immediately stood in a daze and subsequently he gasped in admiration.

He walked over and held her hand as he said in a mellow voice, Lier, you look simply stunning in the flowing dress. Youre so beautiful that I cant believe it!

Huang Yueli smiled sweetly as she pulled up the hem of her dress as turned sideways slightly.

The luxurious HeavenAzure Silk followed her movements striking a dazzling arc, that golden ray accompanied with her slender figure looked like a dream.

Li Moying also was dazed as he couldnt helped but hugged her while speaking beside her ear, What should I do? Youre just too beautiful that I dont dare to bring you to the banquet. If someone else falls in love with you, what should I do?

Huang Yueli said laughingly, Why? Young Sect Master Li also has his moments of no self-confidence? Youre South Sky Regions number one genius. Which man can be more powerful than you, Im not blind so why would I shift my affections on to another person? Moreover. There are so many female disciples who are secretly in love with you, since Im not worried, what do you have to worry about!

The ending of those words sounded a little sour.

Li Moying touched his nose instinctively feeling that this topic shouldnt go on.

He hurriedly said, The banquet has started and were already late so lets hurry and go in.

Saying that, he stretched out his arm towards Huang Yueli, allowing her to hook her own arm onto his before he started leading her into the banquet hall slowly.