Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312 My Fiancee 3

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But on second thoughts, for someone like Li Moying, how could his taste possibly be bad?

Probably Murong Fei had said it out of jealousy and intentionally made her out to be so..

Murong De didnt wanted to think of his daughter in such a bad way but the truth was staring right at him.

He secretly sighed as he nodded at Haung Yueli, Miss Bai, thank you for saving Moying that time, I havent had the chance to express my gratitude.

Huang Yueli smiled, Theres no need for thanks. Moying is my fianc so its something that I should do if I can help him in anything.

When Li Moying heard that, his heart was touched as he squeezed Huang Yuelis hand. Huang Yueli turned her head over towards him and smiled.

Cui Yuan Shan saw this and was chuckling, So Master Li actually had a prenatal betrothed fiance. Hehe, in the past I had always thought that Eldest Miss Murong and Master Li was a couple, Id not expected..

When Murong De heard that, his expression changed immediately.

The taunt in Cui Yuan Shans words were too obvious so no one was able to ignore it at all.

. Looks like, its indeed my own mistake. Master Li and Miss Bai are an ideal couple and you indeed look compatible. No wonder you dont have any interest in Sect Masters daughter! Hehe, congratulations to the both of you! Cui Yuan Shan added.

When he said that, Murong De became even more embarrassed.

However, the one who was more embarrassed was Murong Fei who was standing right behind him!

Initially when she saw Li Moying and Huang Yueli appearing in such an endearing manner, it was enough to make her felt upset. But in the end before things came to an end, it was actually used by Cui Yuan Shan to work up a topic, as he immodestly taunted her in front of so many people!

She, Murong Fei had never been so embarrassed before!

Alas, facing Cui Yuan Shan, a ninth stage realm practitioner who was even more powerful than her father, she had to way to rebuke him and no possibility of resistance at all.

So she could only direct all her fury towards Huang Yueli. The gaze which she casted onto her simply felt as though it was a dagger laced with poison!

It was all because of this little slut! If it hadnt been for her who had shamelessly climbed onto Eldest Senior Brothers bed, then the person who was standing next to Li Moying would be her, Murong Fei! How could she possibly accept such humiliation?

Li Moying gaze coldly swept past Cui Yuan Shan but he didnt say anything else except, My fiance hasnt taken her dinner and is a little hungry. Ill bring her to get some food so excuse me!

Saying that he took Huang Yuelis hand and left.

This scene made Cui Yuan Shans face reveal a deep and meaningful smile.

Early this morning, he talked bad about Murong De and Li Moying automatically jumped out to rebuke him. But now that he talked about Murong Fei, Li Moying actually had no reaction at all.

Looked like this Eldest Miss Murong really didnt know how to hold a mans heart! Li Moying had completely treated her as thin air, as his eyes only had this rumoured fiance!

This was something rare, not knowing just how outstanding this Miss Bai was, to be able to make Celestial Light Sects Eldest Miss become a dreg!

Murong Fei had been totally dismissed by Li Moying and was so infuriated that she almost rushed over.

Luckily Li Lingchuan who was standing beside her stopped her, Third Junior Sister, dont be rash! Cant you see that Eldest Senior Brother is so protective of her? Even if you wanted to make things difficult for her, then you will need a reason isnt it? Dont be rash, weve already arranged everything so just wait and see. Dont you jump out by yourself and spoil our plan..

Murong Fei thought of their plans and forcefully tolerated with her anger as she remained still on the spot.