Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 What Right Do You Have To Be Here? 1

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Li Moying brought Huang Yueli to his seat as he prepared to take a seat.

As Celestial Light Sects Young Sect Master, he had always been sitting on one seat lower to Murong De, which was in the middle position.

Just as the two of them were preparing to sit down, a maid suddenly appeared behind the both of them as she stopped them.

Miss Bai, your seat is not here.

Li Moying gave her an icy cold stare, Whats going on? Youre new? Dont you know the regulations?

The maid was severely stared at by Li Moying and she suddenly felt her legs going soft as sweat started to profuse from her forehead.

Murong Fei designated her to pass the message and she thought she was on a lucky track to be able to go near to Young Sect Master at such a short distance! In the end, when she finally reached Li Moying, she realised that just one gaze or one action actually made one terrified!

But no matter how afraid she was, she had no way to retreat right now so she could only brace herself as she continued talking.

Young Young Sect Master, your seat is indeed.. indeed here, but. but Miss Bai. Miss Bai is only an outer disciple, she. cannot sit here..

Li Moyings expression immediately sunk as his gaze turned surly with a tinge of bitter frost!

He cried out sharply, Who are you to give my woman instructions? Scram!

His voice held the suppression of Profound Energy as it was filled with grim and rigor.

The maid was merely a third stage realm practitioner and simply couldnt take it as she was pushed back and blood started trickling down the corner of her mouth, evidentally suffering from a serious internal injury.

Li Moying didnt even bother to look at her as he pulled Huang Yuelis hand, leading her to take a seat.

Just at this moment, another voice was heard, Eldest Senior Brother, why must you do this? Why must you vent your anger on a lowly little maid? Its not as though you dont know about the Sects regulations! For such a formal occasion in the Sect, everyone must take their seats according to their own ability and status, not just using their relations to sit wherever they liked! By doing this, arent you bringing shame to Celestial Light Sect?

The person who said those was Li Lingchuan.

Both Murong Fei and him appeared behind them together.

Li Lingchuans words resounded out sharply as he intentionally made sure everyone in the entire event hall heard that!

Momentarily, everyones gaze was casted upon them, especially those Green Cloud Sects disciples as they sensitively felt that something major was going to happen. All of them kept their eyes peeled but didnt understand what was going on.

Li Moyings pitch black eyes flashed a sliver of iciness, Li Lingchuan, your guts is certainly not small, you actually dare you appear in front of me! I let you off because I dont want to dirty my hands. Instead of tucking your tail in to be a proper human, you actually dare to be disrespectful to my woman? Who gave you the guts to do so?

Li Lingchuan was forced back by his imposing manner as he couldnt help but took a step back as he was secretly shocked!

His Eldest Senior Brothers potential seemed to have raised several notches from when they last met in the Dark Moon Forest! This was just too terrifying and too ridiculous!

He tried his best to stabilise his messy internal breathing as he shouted, Eldest Senior Brother, you. if you have something against your Junior Brother me, we can talk about it later! But now Celestial Light Sect is holding an important function, a banquet for Green Cloud Sect and you actually outrightly do something against the Sects regulations, arent you throwing our Sects reputation away in front of others? Im purely thinking for Celestial Light Sect and absolutely not going against you, so Eldest Senior Brother please dont misunderstand this!