Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314 What Right Do You Have To Be Here? 2

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Li Lingchuans words were wrapped up beautifully but everyone could tell that he was intentionally going against Li Moying.

Celestial Light Sects disciples were all breaking out in cold sweat, feeling that Li Lingchuan must have gone mad!

He actually had the audacity to provoke Li Moyings authority and even provoked him openly in front of other Sects! Even if he could go past today safely, he would probably be fixed terribly by Li Moying another day right? What on earth was going in his mind?

Whereas for Green Cloud Sects disciples, all of them started to find out about Li Lingchuans matter, as they were all interested in this kind of gossip.

Cui Yuan Shan played around with his two blades of moustache as he laughed heartily, even turning around to speak to Murong De who was standing beside him, I say Junior Brother Murong, your Sects regulations are pretty strict. Ability speaks within the Sect and this is the basis of your Sects thrive! Furthermore, your disciple is also taught well. Even if Young Sect Master had done something wrong, he wasnt afraid of authority and stood out to lecture him! Tsk tsk, this is really a good disciple who thinks on behalf of the Sect!

When his words were out of his mouth, Murong Des face turned red, as he was as embarrassed as he could be!

Cui Yuan Shan appeared to be praising Celestial Light Sect, but in actual fact, who couldnt tell that it was sarcasm?

His disciples were not harmonious and usually he closed one eye since they argued in private. But now in front of Green Cloud Sect, making such a huge din, didnt they knew how embarrassing it was!

Murong De called out sharply to Li Lingchuan, Lingchuan, what are you saying? Miss Bai is your future Sister-in-law! Even if she sat at the upper seat, theres nothing wrong with that!

Whoever knew that before Li Lingchuan could even open his mouth, Murong Fei had already talked back at him.

Father, I cannot agree with what you said, how could you be so unfair? Im your eldest daughter and Celestial Light Sects Sect Masters daughter. But usually those who can sit on the upper seats had always been Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother. My sister and I have always been seated according to our abilities and had never said we wanted to sit on the first seat! Since the Sects regulations are so, that even we have to abide it, then why cant Miss Bai abide by our Sect regulations?

How would Murong De not know that Murong Fei was just going dead against Li Moyings fiance?

But unfortunately the words which Murong Fei said were reasonable and justified, totally unable to let anyone rebuke these words. Plus the fact that Green Cloud Sects people were right beside him so no matter what he said, it just wasnt correct!

Murong Fei saw her father being beaten and a smile surfaced on her mouth as she turned around to talk to Huang Yueli, Miss Bai, Im so sorry, outer disciples are usually not allowed to take part in this kind of function but since youre Eldest Senior Brothers fiance, then we have already aceded! So weve arranged a seat for you, will you please sit by that side!

Murong Feis finger stuck out and everyones vision followed the direction of where her finger pointed to.

On looking, everyone were shocked.

A single table was placed right below the stage in the main hall and it was even further back that the last tables position. The last table had always been in the main hall but that table had been purposely placed outside the outer rim of the last table. If it was a bit further out, it would be out of the main halls boundary.

This time round, everyone could tell that Murong Fei intentionally wanted to humiliate Huang Yueli!

My goodness, Eldest Young Misss scheme is too vicious! What do you say, will Miss Bai really go take a seat there?

If she doesnt, what else can she do? Unless she directly leaves this place? This is really embarrassing?

Thats right, in the end, isnt it because of her own potential and status? Who else can she blame?