Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315 What Right Do You Have To Be Here? 3

Chapter 1315: What right do you have to be here? (3)
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I wonder if Young Sect Master will stand out for her?

This is after all the venue for welcoming Green Cloud Sect. Surely Young Sect Master wouldnt have a fight with Young Master Li right? That we will totally become a laughing stock for Green Cloud Sect!

The crowd were discussing on their own and all of them used a sympathetic gaze on Huang Yueli.

To be humiliated openly in this kind of place but unfortunately her only backing Li Moying could not possibly help her!

So many people placed themselves in the shoes of Huang Yueli and all of them felt that if they had met with such a matter, they would definitely kill themselves by banging their heads onto the wall! This was really embarrassing!

But there were many people who made sarcastic remarks as well.

I feel that this Bai Ruoli deserves this! Who asked her to overrate herself, shes merely an outer disciple and making use her status as Young Sect Masters fiance to attend such a formal event, who does she think she is?

Isnt that so? Since shed already gained such a big advantage to become Young Sect Masters fiance, instead of indulging in her own happiness, why did she had to appear at the banquet? Look at the dress shes wearing and how much make up she put on, didnt she even think if her own status and cultivation was worthy of that dress!

Thats right, she should learn a lesson from here. Celestial Light Sect is a large Sect which lineage had been around for a thousand years. She cannot just rely on a man and act wilfully according to her own wishes!

Huang Yueli had snatched away the male god whom everyone hoped for, so she had long incurred the jealousy of numerous disciples.

Especially for those direct disciples, when they saw that Murong Feis potential and status were higher than hers, they didnt dare to snatch him from her, but unfortunately an outer disciple popped out and took Li Moying away! Everyone felt that their own status and ability had surpassed Huang Yueli so naturally they were not convinced!

The discussions reached Murong Feis ears and that made her even more delighted.

She smiled coldly towards Huang Yeuli, Miss Bai, what are you still hesitating about? Do you feel that you really have the ability to sit at this place? Havent you thought that youre merely an outer disciple and this status of outer disciple was obtained by passing yourself off as a Senior Sister in your academy! Not only that, youre just a practitioner from a neighbouring small country and your status is lowly, if even you can sit on such a high status seat by relying on a man, then would there still be any fairness within the Sect in future?

Murong Fei said this out loudly.

It seemed as though she was afraid that Green Cloud Sects people didnt knew about this so she intentionally announced Huang Yuelis status and potential loudly for everyone to hear!

She wanted to let everyone knew that Huang Yueli had no abilities at all, she couldnt even become an outer disciple and all she was, was a little slut who hugged onto the Li Moyings thigh while swindling him. All these so that she could make Huang Yueli humiliated not only within the Sect, but outside as well!

Dared to snatch her Murong Feis man? She must let Huang Yueli lose both fortune and honour!

The more Li Moying heard, the more his heart was firing up as he couldnt wait to slap these scums who dared to slander his Lier!

He was not merely thinking only, he wanted to take immediate action and as his thoughts turned, his surround Profound Energy started to fluctuate and turned intense.

Huang Yueli noticed it and hurriedly tugged his sleeves as she shook him gently.

Li Moyings actions took a halt as he lowered his head to look at her.

Huang Yueli raised her head and winked at him, telling him that she could settle this on her own and for him to be calm.

Li Moying and her heart were linked so he understood her meaning. He was still not unwilling to let go, he stared at her for a moment and hesitated but still wanted to make a move.

Huang Yueli anxiously took a step in front of him, blocking his direction of making his move.