Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316 What Right Do You Have To Be Here? 4

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If Li Moying were really to make his move, then the banquet would really be ruined because Murong Fei would either end up dead or crippled!

She didnt really care about the life and death of those two scums Murong Fei and Li Lingchuan.

But in this way, Celestial Light Sect would totally be in a mess and Li Moying would completely fall out with Murong De!

She didnt wish for Li Moying to pay such a heavy price because of her. Because at this juncture, she could still handle it by herself.

Huang Yueli spoke to Murong Fei, Miss Murong, what right do you have to say that Im not qualified to sit here? Do you feel that my status isnt high enough, or my potential isnt strong enough? I think my status as Young Sect Masters fiance, even if Im merely an outer disciple, but my status shouldnt be too bad, so that means you think my potential isnt strong enough?

Murong Fei laughed coldly, Thats right, you do know yourself quite well! The others who are seated here have both status and ability, except for you youre so weak that you cannot even withstand a blow, you assume that you have a status! Dont you know that in Soaring Heavens Continent, only the strong are able to obtain the most valuable status? For someone like you, youre simply a joke!

Her words were totally rude as she waited for Huang Yueli to turn embarrassed till she had no place to hide and could only leave the venue in anger!

However, Huang Yeuli gave a slight smile, Miss Murong is absolutely right. In Soaring Heavens Continent, only the strong are worthy of being respected, the weak. Arent even fit to lift up the shoes for anyone!

Murong Fei was first stunned as she didnt expect Huang Yueli to say that. Could this wretched lass be mad?

But very quickly, she sneered, Its good that you understand this logic, so why arent you hurrying down to sit by the side?

Huang Yueli replied, No hurry, I havent finished my words since potential represents out seating, then does it mean that as long as I can defeat the practitioner who is sitting in an upper seat, then I can replace them and sit on their seat?

Murong Feis eyes turned wide as she immediately started laughing out loudly, Right, right, you are absolutely right! But allow me to remind you that all the disciples seated here, other than you, are all Celestial Light Sects direct disciples! I guess that you should have heard about the innate talent and potential about direct disciples right! You wish to defeat them? Havent you even considered how heavy you are!

Not only Murong Fei, even those direct disciples who were seated here were all infuriated when they heard those words.

This. surely not right? Bai Ruoli actually intends to challenge direct disciples?

Thats right, is she mad? I know shes very outstanding among the outer disciples and she indeed has some skills. But. to have a battle with direct disciples? Shes too full of herself! Matters regarding a practitioners honour, we couldnt possibly just let her win just because shes Young Sect Masters fiance!

Thats right, I know shes definitely not resigned to sit on the last seat but this kind of challenge without thinking about the consequences, if shes defeated, then wouldnt it be even more embarrassing? What on earth is she thinking about?

Ai, Young Sect Masters good name, surely it would not be ruined in her hands today right?

Towards these sentences, Huang Yueli treated her as though she didnt hear anything.

Her gaze was cold as she stared intently at Murong Fei and speaking in a clear voice, To be more precise, I wish to challenge. You!

Murong Fei thought that she had heard wrongly and it took quite a while before she burst out into laughter.

I say, am I hearing things? YOU intend to challenge ME??