Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317 What Right Do You Have To Be Here? 5

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Murong Fei was smiling on the surface, Miss Bai, do you not know what is my cultivation level? Let me tell you, although my potential cannot be compared to Eldest Senior Brothers but Im at least a sixth stage realm first level practitioner! Your cultivation is at most fourth stage realm? You wish to cross over two large realms to battle with me? Did you think that youre a peerless genius like Eldest Senior Brother?

Huang Yueli replied calmly, Wouldnt we find out when we have a battle?

The discussions below the stage became even louder, even Murong De couldnt help but became anxious.

Li Lingchuan subconsciously turned back to look at Li Moying, only to discover that beside the frost on Li Moyings good looking face, he didnt show any anxious emotions. Furthermore, he didnt seem as though he would stop these two from having the battle.

This made Li Lingchuan frowned uncontrollably as he couldnt tell what Li Moying was up to?

Just some time ago, Li Moying was still burning up with fire, thinking to help Huang Yueli make a move. But now Huang Yuelis condition was even more precarious as she would probably turn out either dead or injured in Murong Feis hands. But Li Moying was totally not anxious at all?

This was just too abnormal right?

Murong De couldnt stand it further as he stood up and shouted, Enough, Feier and Miss Bai! This is the Sects official banquet and not a place where they both of you can do as you wished so lets all stop this now! Today I allowed Moying to bring Miss Bai along so Miss Bai is considered as one of my valuable guests so Ill make an exception today! Add a seat next to Young Sect Master for Miss Bai now!

As Murong Des instruction was given, his gaze brushed past coldly towards the few maids who were standing by the side.

He was after all a ninth stage realm top expert and usually he was amiable but when he really got fired up, the disciples didnt dared to go against him at all.

The maids hurriedly ran across as they moved Huang Yuelis seat up.

Murong Fei saw this and was feeling infuriated, not knowing why her father stood on Huang Yuelis side!

The more she thought, the more unresigned she felt as she refused to give in. She continued to stare at Huang Yueli and laughed coldly, No wonder you said such things earlier, so you already knew that my father wouldnt allow us to fight! Youre really good at pretending! Now you can openly take a seat over there so congratulations!

This was a bare provocation!

Huang Yueli had actually intended to give face to Murong De, letting Murong Fei off but on hearing these words, her face sunk as her footsteps halted.

Eldest Miss Murong, does this mean that you dont want to give your father any face and insists on having a battle with me?

Feier! Murong De howled angrily.

He had never expected that his usually obedient and magnanimous daughter had lost control every single time when it was related to Li Moyings matters?

Now she actually ignored the Sects reputation and if this went on, he didnt dared to think how Green Cloud Sects people would laugh at them behind their backs!

But right now, Murong Fei was intent on not listening to him, so much that even Huang Yuelis anger flared up.

The two young ladies exchanged glances as their eyes were filled with an icy cold bitterness.

A battle. Was about to start!

Just at this moment, a hurried shuffling of footsteps was heard coming from the main halls entrance.

A guard jogged along the way as he dashed into the banquet hall. On seeing the entire hall so quiet and with such a tense atmosphere, he was slightly shocked but very quickly, he regained his senses as he bowed his head down to pay his respects.

Reporting to Sect Master, Sect Master Cui, the Armament Guilds President Hu has already arrived at the Sect.

Before Murong De could say anything, he heard a burst of laughter coming from the door.

Sect Master Murong, Sect Master Cui, Im so sorry. I was delayed so I arrived late!