Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 Miss Bai Has Been Dibbled By Him 1

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The atmosphere now was already so tight that a serious rife could break out any second.

But at this moment, a sudden light laugh was heard and many of them didnt manage to regain their senses.

President Hus words had just landed when he appeared at the entrance of the venue.

He was dressed in a new Armament Masters long robe and a sixth tier Armament Master badge was pinned on his chest. His long hair was combed straight without any stray hairs and his hand was touching his beard as he strode in with heavy steps. Anyone who saw him couldnt help but exclaim: Its no wonder hes Sky Cloud Citys Armament Guild President, he indeed had the air of a great master!

He was still talking as he walked right in.

Both Sect Masters, we havent met for many years! Today Sect Master Cui is here and Sect Master Murong still remembered to invite me over for a drink so this is indeed my utmost honour!

Cui Yuan Shan immediately smiled as he got up to welcome him, Please dont say that President Hu? Junior Brother Murong and I had roamed around the South Sky Region for experience training and we have been taken care of by you a lot of times so Ive long wanted to have a gathering with you. Unfortunately the last time I came by, it was in a rush so now that Junior Brother Murong invited you over, Id been hoping for it for a long time!

President Hu started chuckling, So you still remember me. I thought that now that the both of you are ninth stage realm top experts, you no longer remember me at all!

Murong De also hurriedly got up and said, Present Hu, please take a seat!

President Hu was actually on the same rank as Murong Des father. He was also a renowned top tiered Armament Master in the South Sky Region and considered to have watched Murong De and Cui Yuan Shan growing up, so he had refined quite a number of Profound Armaments for them then.

Present Hus innate talent was limited and he had eventually stopped at the rank of sixth tier Armament Master but Murong De and Cui Yuan Shan had always been respectful towards him.

This time round they invited President Hu over. On one hand it was because they wanted to have a gathering with this elder while on the other hand, it was because the two of them had already reached an understanding regarding the ancient mystic regions matter. They needed to find a witness who enjoyed high prestige and command universal respect so at the same point of time, they both thought of President Hu.

Murong De and Cui Yuan Shan had always been on loggerheads. To be able to find someone whom both parties could both agree upon wasnt easy so they hurriedly sent out an invite to President Hu, inviting him to join in todays banquet.

After President Hu exchanged conventional greetings with the both of them, his gaze shifted and fell onto Huang Yueli and Murong Fei who were exchanging stares below the stage.

President Hu was stunned as he spoke out in astonishment, This is

Murong De following his line of vision and his heart went thumped!

He had not expected that after President Hu had created a lapse but these two young lasses didnt take the opportunity to get off the stage, they were still in a deadlock at the same place!

Murong Fei totally didnt consider the big picture, what kind of occasion was this? Throwing face in front of Green Cloud Sect wasnt considered, but now was she planning to let the people in the Armament Guild see them as a laughing stock as well?

Murong Des expression changed as he wanted to hurriedly chase the both of them away.

But President Hu stood up and walked quickly beside Huang Yueli, as he smiled at her and greeted her first.

Miss Bai, Ive not expected that youve already returned to Celestial Light Sect with Young Sect Master Li already! Looks like your wedding bells are ringing soon eh!

President Hus favourable impression of Huang Yeulis wasnt just ordinary. The last time at the Armament Master certification assessment, Huang Yueli displayed such shocking talent in armament refining skills which was enough to be nicknames as South Sky Regionss number one armament refining genius! Her future accomplishments would absolutely be above him in future!