Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319 Miss Bai Has Been Dibbled By Him 2

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Furthermore, Huang Yueli didnt keep her secrets to herself. Although she has such an exclusive technique at refining armaments, but during the certification assessment, she openly displayed her skills in front of every Armament Master, and displayed it not only once!

Even President Hu himself learnt quite a number of things from Huang Yuelis armament refining skills and had reaped an enormous benefit out of it.

For a generously humble talented young lady with a bright future, President Hu had long treated her as Sky Cloud Citys Armament Guilds future hope, as he admired her from the depths of his heart.

Furthermore, Present Hu felt that Huang Yueli and Li Moying were an extremely compatible pair.

One was a peerless talent in terms of cultivation while the other was an armament refining genius, they were just that compatible!

An Armament Masters status was invaluable so without Li Moyings status as Young Sect Master, President Hu felt that he wasnt worthy of Huang Yueli!

When Huang Yueli saw President Hu, her face also revealed a smile.

President Hu, how have you been!

President Hu said, Last time at the Armament Master certification assessment, you promised me to come over to the Armament Guild. But in the end Ive not seen you appearing so I thought you were busy. In the end, you actually left with Young Sect Master. Tsk tsk, youre really too sticky! Youngsters nowadays. But just as well, since the both of you are so compatible and so loving, its a good thing for you guys to get married earlier..

Huang Yueli started to become shy from his words.

President Hu, youre mistaken. Not so fast.. I came to Celestial Light Sect to take a look at him only.

The two of them looked extremely familiar with each other and President Hu even started cracking jokes about Huang Yueli so this made everyone at the scene extremely shocked!

Who was Present Hu? Hes the number one rated Armament Grand Master in the entire South Sky Region and his fame was widespread. He had numerous disciples under his wing. Although his cultivation was absolutely not the best among the practitioners but in terms of prestige, he was considered as a number one figure in South Sky Region, not any lower than Murong De.

As for Huang Yueli? From what everyone saw, she was merely an outer disciple with an ordinary cultivation, hugging on to Young Sect Masters thigh so that she could smuggle into this function. She should be some unattractive pipsqueak!

Why would President Hu talk to her? Moreover his attitude towards her seemed to carry some respect and lionization, absolutely not the attitude which an ordinary upper class person had towards a junior!

Not only that, President Hu even knew that she and Li Moying had a marriage agreement, and even thought highly of the both of them??

Had Present Hu gone bonkers? The both of them, one was a peerless genius while the other was an outer disciple, in which way were they compatible??

Murong De was absolutely the most shocked person among the others. He started at them with his eyes wide and tongue tied and he couldnt help but butted in, Hu President Hu, whats going on? You. you are acquainted to Miss Bai?

President Hu laughed, Of course I know her! I admire Miss Bai greatly! I havent managed to congratulate Sect Master Murong in time, your disciple here is really extraordinary! Initially I thought that Young Sect Master Li only knows how to cultivate so I didnt expect him to be so good at choosing a lady. Moreover his tactics are so swift, A lady like Bai Ruoli is easily dibbled by him and already engaged at such a tender age. I can only express my utmost admiration for this action!

Murong Des jaw always dropped onto the ground when he heard that.

What was the situation? Why did it sound as though that Li Moying marrying this Bai Ruoli was a huge advantage!