Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 132

Chapter 132 It Should You Who Maliciously Raised The Prices
Chapter 132 It should you who maliciously raised the prices!

Blocked by her barrage of words, Bai Ruo Qi could not slip in any responses.

Yet against expectations, Huang Yue Li still managed to display a smile that was both pure and harmless. But in actuality all of this was executed purposely! Her belly was filled with evil schemes!

Stiffly Bai Ruo Qi reasoned: Ennow, the auction has just concluded, so the amount of people searching Manager Sun must be numerous. If we were to go now, we would definitely have to line up!

Line up? Second Sister I think you are overthinking this. Wasnt the inner courtyard empty? But you made a good point. We must make haste or we will have to line up! Lets go!

Once she finished speaking, Huang Yue Li began to speedily zoom away.

Once again, Bai Ruo Qi looked as if she had smashed herself with a stone. Left without any other choice, she could only helplessly follow in her footsteps.

After Huang Yue Li knocked on the door, a serving hand quickly opened the door and lead her inside.

Inside the room, there was only Manager Sun. Opening the door and seeing the mountain, Huang Yue Li didnt beat around the bush.

Twisting his beard, Manager Sun replied: With pleasure! Then I shall ask Second Young Miss Bai to make the payment!

This Quite obviously Bai Ruo Qi was unable to take out this amount.

Her face was both green and pale. After hesitating and dallying for quite some time, she squeezed out the following words: Manager Sun, I currently do not enough money on my person. Is it possible..

Before she had the chance to finish her words, Huang Yue Li instantly cut her off exaggeratedly, You didnt bring enough money Second Sister? By the way you were calling out bids previously, it did not seem like you were lacking in funds? If you really called out bids without possessing sufficient funds, that would be true malicious price raising! Then you were the thief crying out thief, intentionally slandering me! Because you were lacking in money, you deliberately raised the stakes!

You..youre viciously slandering!

Bai Ruo Qi nearly jumped up in frustration!

Who did not know of Thousand Treasure Pavilions strong measures towards those who bid with evil intentions? With this damned girls hollering in front of Manager Sun, what would he conclude from this?

Moreover, it wasnt herself who deliberately wished to raised the prices, but this wretched girls planning!

Unfortunately, Huang Yue Li would not allow her to explain herself.

Seemingly frightened by Bai Ruo Qi, she retreated a few steps and began to mumble non-stop.

Thenthen how do you explain your insufficient funds? Thousand Treasure Pavilions rules state that one must possess sufficient funds before placing a bid. Once you successfully obtain the item, you must immediately pay the price or else enter Thousand Treasure Pavilions blacklist!

As she stated this, Huang Yue Li purposely added: Second Sister, if you really dont have enough money, you should honestly tell Manager Sun! Afterall, money should be more important than reputation right? In the worst case scenario that news of this spreads out, it would better than losing the family fortune!

Death glaring her, Bai Ruo Qi was nearly angered to death!

Huang Yue Lis sarcastic and snide comments were truly said dexterously! Light but lethally struck at the weak points!

If she were to truly enter Thousand Treasure Pavilions blacklist, it would not only affect herself. This would also affect the residents of Wu Wei Manor. Gods knows how furious her daddy would become?

As for the problem of paying the bill, she was unable to take out the full amount. She must go ask Bai Liu Jing for more money. But he would still be angered to death he were to learn that she used one hundred and thirty-one thousand silvers, yet failed to obtain even the dust particles of the pills!

No matter what the options, she would not be able to live with face!

No matter how erratically Bai Ruo Qis expressions changed, she did not mention anything about paying the bill.

With this sort of conduct, even Manager Sun could not bear to watch any longer.

At first, he did not wish to believe that Wu Wei Manors Young Miss would lack the funds. But her current behaviour hinted otherwise..