Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 Miss Bai Has Been Dibbled By Him 3

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Where on earth had gone wrong?

Was President Hus consciousness really awake?

Ughh, President Hu, what are you talking about..

Murong De had a dazed expression and was just about to open his mouth to ask in detail.

President Hu seemed to have recalled something as he looked to his left and right and he asked curiously, Yi, thats right, what are you all doing here? Isnt todays banquet supposed to make merry? Why are you all standing down below and those that young lady over there?

President Hu pointed at Murong Fei, not knowing who she was exactly.

This made Murong Fei so infuriated that she almost fainted!

Originally, for a top rated Armament Master like Present Hu to not recognise a younger junior like her, it was something very normal and nothing strange about it. But.. if there were no comparisons, there wouldnt be any damage!

Huang Yueli was much younger than her and her cultivation was lower than her but yet she was able to gain such value and closeness from President Hu. Whereas for her a highly respected and valuable Sect Masters daughter was only referred to as that lady?

Murong Fei had always had a good opinion of herself and she felt that she was much valued than Huang Yueli so since when had she suffered such humiliation?

Huang Yueli indifferently glanced at Murong Fei and shrugged her shoulders as she replied in adisapproving look, Actually theres nothing much. I was just about to go into a battle with this lady. If it wasnt President Hu who suddenly came in, wed probably came out with a winner by now.

President Hu was shocked when he heard that, What? Are you going for a battle? What are you trying to do? Although there are plenty of young people around to liven up the battle, but you how could you take part in it?

One couldnt blame President Hu for being so shocked because normal Armament Masters absolutely would not go into a battle with anyone under such a situation.

On one hand, it was because an Armament Masters status was very valuable so for livening up events with battles, they would not lower their own status to take part. On the other hand, Armament Masters cultivation although might not be weak but in most actual battles, their results were pretty bad. After all their concentration wasnt placed on cultivation.

Of course, the most important thing was an Armament Masters hand was priceless. Armament refining all relied on this pair of hands which could rake in money and if they were hurt in the battle, that would be the largest loss which they couldnt afford to bear!

Huang Yueli was not able to reply in time when Cui Yuan Shan butted in.

Master Hu, you dont know whats going on. This young lady opposite Miss Bai is Sect Master Murongs eldest daughter Murong Fei. Miss Murong bore good intentions hoping that Miss Bai wont break the Sects regulations and be seated on the upper seats so she specially came over to maintain the disorder.

Present Hu was lost in the fog.

How come I dont understand what youre saying at all? Why would it be breaking the Sects regulations if Miss Bai sat in an upper seat?

Cui Yuan Shan laughed, President Hu, you dont know. Miss Bais cultivation is not high and is merely an outer disciple in Celestial Light Sect. In such a former occasion, the first few seats are arranged according to their potential and their status in the Sect. Although Miss Bai is Mister Lis fiance, but surely she cannot sit here because of that right? Miss Murong was kind hearted enough to stop her but in the end it seemed as though a misunderstand had been created hence they started arguing.

Cui Yuan Shan seemed to be praising Murong Fei on the surface but in reality every single word was filled with ridicule, in an attempt to anger President Hu.

He was such an intelligent man. He had long seen through the fact that President Hu had treated Huang Yeuli differently. Although he didnt know why he was so respectful to such a young lass, but Cui Yuan Shan knew one thing at least which was if Huang Yueli was bullied, President Hu would definitely get angry.