Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321 Miss Bai Has Been Dibbled By Him 4

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President Hu was the witness whom he and Murong De invited over to be the judge so if Murong De were to offend President Hu, perhaps today President Hu would be more bias and lean towards Green Cloud Sects side!

Cui Yuan Shans brain was working fast as he immediately grabbed the chance before Murong De to speak out.

When Murong De heard that, he immediately felt something was amiss. But the things which Cui Yuan Shan said wasnt a lie and in fact it was really truthful so momentarily he didnt know how to explain as well.

However, his hesitation for that one moment was already too late.

Present Hus eyes bulged out as he blew his beard, throwing a huge temper!

Sect Master Murong, is what Sect Master Cui said all true?

Murong Fei hurriedly replied, Miss Bai indeed didnt have the qualification to take a seat in the upper seats, but..

President Hu totally didnt hear his but as he had already blown his top on hearing the firsthalf of the sentence! He totally couldnt suppress his temper.

Sect Master Murong, I really dont understand your Sects regulations but why doesnt Miss Bai have the qualifications to sit in the upper seats? A fourteen year old obtaining a first tier Armament Master certification, and her actual ability was enough to obtain a third tier and above certification armament refining genius, so its so invaluable! Can I think that youre despising and humiliating our Armament Guild?

President Hu was angry for a reason, it wasnt just for Huang Yueli alone but for the entire Armament Guild!

An Armament Masters status was highly respectable, especially for the young and talented armament refining genius, their statuses were highly valuable in many large powerhouses.

For this kind of function, a young armament masters seat would normally be much higher than same aged genius practitioners because armament refining talents were much rarer than cultivation talents!

There was no need to say that for a super genius like Huang Yueli, there probably wasnt a second one in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. Just what kind of outstanding existence was this! Celestial Light Sect was just a large sect in the South Sky Region and not even in place within Sky Emperor City, and they actually dared to allow this kind of genius to sit at the last seat?

Any Armament Master who saw this would not be able to endure it alright?

Murong De had not expected the usually gentle President Hu to suddenly flare up as he was momentarily shocked.

After he heard President Hus words clearly, he was even more shocked as he totally couldnt recover his senses.

This. President Hu, you. are you sure you didnt get it wrong? This. This Miss Bai is. Is a certified Armament Master? This. how could this be possible?

Hearing Li Moyings fiance was only fourteen or fifteen years old, such a young certified Armament Master had not appeared within the South Sky Region before!

President Hu angrily retorted, Could I be lying to you? Miss Bai was awarded as a first tier Armament Master by me personally when I presided over that certification assessment! Moreover, she displayed shocking armament refining talent during the assessment. With her potential, obtaining a third or fourth tier certification isnt a problem at all! According to the Armament Guilds regulations, Armament Masters of second tier and above needs to be certified at the Guild otherwise, I will already have issued her with a third tier badge!

TTT Third Tier?? Murong De felt that his tongue was going stiff as he couldnt even speak properly.

This was he having a problem with his hearing?

A fourteen year old third tier Armament Master, how could this be possible? This wasnt something which could be described with a mere armament refining genius!

Generally those Armament Masters who could reach third tier before the age of twenty five were all considered to have a boundless future. They would at least reach a level of sixth tier and above high levelled Armament Grand Master!