Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322 Miss Bai Has Been Dibbled By Him 5

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What concept was a sixth tier Armament Master? Even in Sky Emperor City, that would be a reputable VIP, what more in South Sky Region. President Hu himself was only in sixth tier!

If a fourteen year old could reach third tier, then what would her future be?

This was simply unimaginable!

Frankly speaking, if this was said by another person, Murong De would not believe it at all because a fourteen year old third tier Armament Master was simply too ridiculous. No one would ever believe such a matter without any evidence.

But since President Hu was the one who said that, based on his title as a respectable Armament Grand Master to say such a thing, there was no choice except to believe in his words!

President Hu looked at Murong Des expression as though he had been struck by lightning but still hadnt vented his anger enough as he continued, Furthermore, this Miss Bais background isnt ordinary as well. Her Master is an Armament Grand Masterfrom Sky Emperor City, at least eighth tier and above! Based on her innate talent and with the coaching of a reputable Master, her future.. I think you dont need me to say more about this right?

Murong De was completely stunned by now.

An eighth tier Armament Master in Sky Emperor City, those were reputable people with great value. Even for a Sect like Celestial Light Sect, even if they gave all their fortunes, they might even be scorned. This young lasss luck was actually that good, to be under the wing of an eighth tier Armament Master?

But its no wonder because based on her innate talent, which Armament Master wouldnt be moved? They would absolutely fight to let her become their disciple!

President Hu saw his dumbstruck look and finally understood that Murong De totally wasnt aware of the truth.

He gave a cold harrumph and said, So now are you clear? Young Sect Master Lis cultivational innate talent may be hard to find but Miss Bais armament refining innate talent is something which is hard to come by in one hundred years! In what way are they not compatible? Dont take it for granted. This kind of armament refining talent cant be found anywhere else and now for her fianc, she came over to your Celestial Light Sect. Instead of treasuring this luck, you actually wanted to let her sit in the last seat?

Why? Do you think that we Armament Masters are an easy lot to bully? Miss Bai is too sentimental thats why she didnt leave immediately! Just wait until she cannot tolerate it any further by these petty peoples actions, Id like to see where you run off to cry!

Murong De originally was already very remorseful but after being scolded by President Hu, his sweat started dripping down.

He immediately turned towards Huang Yueli and spoke politely, Miss Bai, so youre a certified Armament Master, why didnt you tell us earlier? Moying didnt tell us clearly on this! Quick, please have a seat!

Huang Yueli didnt give a reply as her gaze fell onto Murong Fei.

At this present moment, Murong Feis expression was not just describable with the word pale. She stared at Huang Yueli in disbelief as though she had just seen a ghost!

In the past she heard that Huang Yueli knew how to refine armaments or something as such but she didnt let it stay inside her heart. There were a few armament refining talents in Celestial Light Sect and there were occasions where fourteen or fifteen year olds were barely able to pass the first tier Armament Master certification assessment. Murong Fei was an eighth grade talented practitioner so this was much rarer than ordinary armament refining talents!

But after hearing what President Hu said today, Murong Fei realised that she had belittled Huang Yueli! She actually reached the standard of a third tier Armament Master??

Just what kind of an abnormal genius was she?

Just that little slut. How was this possible??

Seeing Huang Yuelis gaze fall onto herself, Murong Fei couldnt help but shudder.