Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324 Miss Bai Has Been Dibbled By Him 7

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This time although Murong Feis voice had turned louder, but her tone sounded so fierce that one couldnt tell if she was remorseful or not.

President Hu frowned again and was about to spit out fire, What kind of an attitude is that?

However Huang Yueli hurriedly stopped him as she said, President Hu, dont be angry. Miss Murong has apologized and Im already very satisfied with that. After all shes Moyings Junior Sister so its understandable that she has this attitude. I must consider on the behalf of Celestial Light Sect as well.

Upon hearing this, President Hu gave her a sulky stare.

You ah, youre just like that, simply too kind which is why youre bullied by others! A genius armament master actually got chased down from the upper seat, what is this? Dont just think for Young Sect Master Li. Hes a genius alright, but youre not far off from him, so if he really bullies you, dont you just swallow it down!

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, President Hu, please dont misunderstand, Moying is very good to me! I just dont want to smear the reputation of his Sect.

President Hu waved his hand, Alright, alright, I know you two have a good relationship so hurry on and go back to your fianc! I really cant continue watching!

Huang Yueli couldnt help but laughed as she felt that this old man was really meaningful. Armament Masters were mostly aloof by nature but they were generally more pure and towards people who entered their eyes, they would treat the other party very well.

Murong Fe was just by the side listening to them talk as he felt extremely touched.

Regarding todays matter, Huang Yueli was the one who suffered the most grievance instead of bearing a grudge, that young lass was even considering on the Sects behalf to compromise and let everyone have a peace of mind. This was extremely hard to come by!

In comparison, Murong Fei had not considered his obstructions several times and had to go against Huang Yueli. Not only had she thrown their face all the way to the West Sky Region, furthermore her last apology was so insincere!

Murong De stared at her as he felt resentful towards her for failing to meet his expectations, Look at yourself, why cant you learn from others? No wonder your Eldest Senior Brother only likes her. This kind of tolerance is just not the same!

When Murong Fei heard that, she almost fainted!

What kind of virtue that wretched lass had, no one was more clearer than her. She was absolutely black-bellied and sinister, filled with a stomach full of bad water!

But unfortunately her father actually sided that wretched lass and still asked her to learn from Huang Yueli? He even said she had low tolerance??

Why couldnt her father tell that that wretched lass absolutely said that on purpose! It was done to disgust herself!


Huang Yueli returned back to Li Moyings side and before she had even sat stably, Li Moying raised his brow at her as he asked in a low voice.

Huang Yueli proudly and pamperedly hmphed at him, Arent I doing all these for you? If I really put your Master on the spot, your Celestial Light Sect will probably lose all the face to continue in this line!

Li Moying leaned in close to her ear as he laughed lowly, As compared to you, nothing is more important than you, so Celestial Light Sect is not even worth mentioning at all!

Your words really sound so nice! Huang Yueli pouted.

Li Moying knew that she was still feeling upset inside. Furthermore originally if she had openly beaten Murong Fei up, this anger might have been appeased. But after President Hu stuck his nose into it, although he had won back her face in a strong manner, but that anger was suffocated back.

No wonder she wasnt feeling good at all.

Li Moying naturally knew what she was thinking about and pinched her cheek laughingly.

So pampered and arrogant, its all because your fianc didnt vent your anger for you? Just wait and see!

Huang Yueli went into a blank as she didnt know what he was up to and turned back to take a look at him.