Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Crown Prince Quell Your Anger
Chapter 137 Crown Prince, quell your anger

How could this be? Calculated through gold coins? How does this Prince not know? Your shop had not said this before. Are you intentionally scamming this Prince?

Manager Sun was merely an ordinary Qi Profound Realm practitioner. When he received such a formidable glare from such an expert, he could feel cold sweat form on his back.

If it were possible, Manager Sun did wish to offend the Crown Prince.

But when he recalled his powerful and mysterious boss instructions, he must summon all courage within him to contend with the Crown Prince.

Your Royal Highness, you are number one in South Yue, an existence above tens of thousands. How could we, Thousand Treasure Pavilion, who was born and survives in South Yue dare to scam you?

(Z: The formal you was used in this case.)

His face still unsightly, the Crown Prince questioned, Then explain how did this situation?

Previously, before the auctioning of these profound armaments began, that mysterious Armament Master had sent over someone to ask us in changing the calculation method from silver to gold. Hence our sudden and abrupt change.

What? How could this be? This Prince did not hear of this! You dare to fool this Prince?

As the Crown Prince ink black eyebrows furrowed together, his face was at the peak of gloominess.

Hastily, Manager Sun answered him: At that time, I had announced several times to the audience below. Once I confirmed the guests had heard this, did I dare start the auction. Your Royal Highness, are you telling me that you did not hear this?

He truly did not hear this!

But Manager Sun had said this in such a solemn tone that it could not possibly be fake. Additionally, when those people had called out bids, it was done very conservatively. Clearly not randomly. Those people must have heard Manager Suns words.

Drowned in sweat, the Crown Prince attempted to the recall the memories from that time. Then his heart clenched in alarm!

That waiter.

At the times he had thought it was a bit strange. Normally, once the auction began, apart from guests, there should not be anyone else who was able to enter the auction hall.

Yet that waiter appeared at that momentat the time, he was too impatient to think too deeply. But now when he recalled it, that occurrence was much to strange!

Also that bottle of wine.that waiter insisted to open that bottle. And once it was opened and he smelled its aroma, he was unable to hear or recall the events around him..

Thisclearly indicated a conspiracy!

The more the Crown Prince analysed it, the more ugly his face turned.

As he unconsciously fisted his hand together, the surrounding profound qi seemed to be affected by the influx of this emotions. With dramatic effects, it began to fluctuate around him.

Unknowingly, both Manager Sun and Bai Ruo Qi retreated a few steps in fear of an attack from the fluctuations.

Only Huang Yue Li remained seated next to one of the thirteen armament chests. With great relish, she watched the scene unfold before her.


Unable to contain his anger any longer, the Crown Prince explosively punched towards a nearby pillar. A Defensive Profound Realm practitioners strike can reach a few thousand jin in strength. As a result, the entire room shook from the aftershock.


Due to the shaking from the punch a bottles of pills spilled down from a cupboard. Smashing onto the floor, various pills rolled around on!

Local tyrant, too wasteful In a hushed voice, Huang Yue Li garrulously mumbled.

In a stern voice, the Crown Prince spoke: Your Thousand Treasure Pavilion has great courage! Dare to play with this Prince like so!

Frightened by this sudden outburst, Manager Sun kneeled down immediately, Your Royal Highness, I ask you to quell your anger! This lowly one dare not! The situation at the time was witnessed by everyone attending. This shop has always been fair and just. We have never cheated a single one of our customers! I ask Your Royal Highness Crown Prince to distinguish the truth..