Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Sticking A Wedge In Between
Chapter 142 Sticking a wedge in between

That profound armor.

After a great mental debate, the Crown Prince still decided to ask hesitatingly.

Profound armor? Mo Si sneered, Your Highness Crown Prince, have made a mistake? You caused such a commotion and problem in Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Do you think that the Master will still sell you the profound armor? Isnt this a bit too much!

Being so ruthlessly ridiculed by a lower class bodyguard, the Crown Prince could not continue to remain here. He did not where he would put his face.

But he was just too unwillingly. That profound armorafter dreaming about it for so long, and seeing it just about land in his handsdue to a moments brainlessness, slipping right through his fingers

If he had heard Manager Suns words earlier, then he would only needed to use ten million silvers. Then he would have obtained it..

If he could retreat a thousand steps, he would have not forcefully attempted to take advantage of Thousand Treasure Pavilion and instead quietly paid the three million gold. This profound armament would then be within his grasp

Unlike his current predicament. Squandering ten million gold like so, yet still failing to obtain the item!

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as a medicine for regret.

As the Crown Prince was in the midst of despair and resignation, a young girls voice suddenly sounded.

This brother guard, your Thousand Treasure Pavilionisnt it a bit to unjust if you do solve it like that? Very clearly His Royal Highness had successfully bid and obtain that item. So the contract between and him and yourself had already been established! How can you go back and decide not to sell it on a whim? If you act like this, how can we believe your words in the future?

The young girls voice was extremely pleasing to listen to. It sounded an orioles clear and melodious call as it exited the valley.

A rare reveal of astonishment was displayed on Mo Sis usually emotionless face.

That was because the young who spoke out was none other than the little fox that his master constantly yearned for. The one who was highly likely to become his Mistress, Third Young Miss Bai!

Regardless of how Mo Si would predict, he could not foresee that she would speak out at such a time. Judging from the tone of her words, she intended to go against him as well?

Third Young Miss Bai, your intention is..

Seamlessly, Mo Di lowered his head and changed his tone to a more respectful one.

Walking to the space between the two, she loudly said: Guard big brother, although His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was a bit hasty in his actions, but he is still willingly to pay the ten million gold. Does that not show enough of his sincerity? Since this is the case, why can you not be magnanimous?

They were not running a charity, why should they be magnanimous?

In the Tian Ling Continent, the strong ruled. There was no such thing of pitying the weak!

Mo Si was completely uncertain as to what this future Mistress of his planned on doing.

Though no matter how confused he became, he remembered the order of his master: Regardless of what Third Young Miss Bai wishes to do, you must not disobey her orders. If you make Third Young Miss Bai unhappy

When Mo Si recalled Mo Qis end, he couldnt help himself as a cold shiver ran down his spine.

Probingly, he said: Third Young Miss Bai

Quickly giving him an eye roll, Huang Yue Li used her eyes to indicate at the Crown Prince; telling him not to be so obvious. She did not wish to reveal her identity so early!

Lightly coughing, Mo So hurriedly followed his earlier call: Third Young Miss Bai, you are a VIP guest of Thousand Treasure Pavilion and this affair is not related to you. I ask you to not meddle and leave as soon as possible!

Raising her chin, Huang Yue Li replied to him: This affair, I must meddle! Tell me! Is Thousand Treasure Pavilion this unprincipled! Are you planning to forcibly snatch back the treasure after selling it? Or is it because you feel that citizens of our South Yue are easy to bully?