Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Rare Herb
Chapter 146 Rare herb

Once Huang Yue Li and Manager Sun entered the private room, she immediately opened the doors to see the mountain; going straight to the point.

Manager Sun I have come under the orders of my master to receive the payment. This auction was very successful today. To be able to auction those items at such high prices, you have made a great effort!

His face filled with smiles, Manager Sun modestly replied: I dare not accept, dare not accept! It is all due to the Great Masters quality products. Only then, were they able to sell for such a value. Our Thousand Treasure Pavilion only lit the available fuse.

Huang Yue Li nodded her head in response, In my previous trip, I passed a sheet of paper with a list of herbs for you to gather. I do not know if you have collected everything yet?

Manager Sun confidently replied: Of the herbs you requested, a vast majority has been gathered, as our store has a ready supply. There are a few third and fourth levelled herbs that were a bit difficult to purchase, but we have already received the items from various surrounding countries. There is just one..


On the list, the herb Flame Cloud Pearl is not really a plant. It more of a fire attributed crystallised ore that is used for its medicinal properties and very rare. Not only can it be used to refine pills, it is also very useful for Armament Masters. It is a sixth levelled material.

Peeping at Huang Yue Lis reaction, Manager Sun continued to speak cautiously and prudently: Master Huang, in such a small country like our own, it is virtually impossible for us to purchase sixth levelled materials. After sending out people to search in all of the various countries, we have yet to successfully find anyI really am truly sorry..

He was very afraid that this Master Huang would mistakenly think they did not use all their energy to search.

But Huang Yue Lis face remained calm.

She had long foreseen the result of this herb hunt.

A sixth levelled material could only be purchased in a few large and influential cities of the South Sky Region. For a small country like South Yue, the percentage of it appearence was close to zero. It would be normal if they would not be able to find it.

But she urgently needed that Flame Cloud Pearl because she needed it to cleanse and re-shape her marrow. In the process of changing her physique, the most important was a herb center. If she did not have this component, her meridians would have no method of linking up. She would then continue remain as a cultivational wastrel!

She has had enough of these unable to cultivate days!

Although her circumstances were like so, no one was able to bully her. But if one were to compare the two, what would be more refreshing? To go and skirt around corners to strike, or directly striking?

Feeling stifled, Huang Yue Li couldnt help but wrinkle her eyebrows.

Because Manager Sun had wordlessly waited her her reply, when he saw the creasing of her eyebrows he assumed she had been angered. Panicking, he attempted to appease her: Master Huang, I ask you not to be angry. We definitely continue to use all our effort to search for you. Just a couple days ago, we had sent a few people to Sky Cloud City. They should be able to find it there..

Huang Yue Li continued to knit her eyebrows: For normal cultivators, it should take at least two months for a roundabout trip from South Yue to Sky Cloud City. The cauliflower dish would have long cooled by then. Do they not have other methods to hasten their pace? Is there really no Flame Cloud Pearl in the vicinity?

This.there is Stopping, Manager thought for a moment before his eyes brightened, Thats right. Why did I not think of this earlier?

What is the matter?

He replied: Master Huang, I must say that this is quite a coincidence. Our South Yue Royal Family has a sixth levelled Flame Cloud Pearl stored within their treasury. This is a treasure passed down through the generations! Ordinary people definitely will not be able to see it, but your master is a great Armament Master. If he were to personally negotiate with the Emperor, the Emperor could not ignore him.

Stroking her chin, Huang Yue Li considered, This.since the location is known. Then this will be easier to accomplish.

Originally she felt that the Crown Prince had already shouldered a large enough debt; it was enough for her to let off the Royal Family.

But how was she to know that it would be this coincidental.