Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 148

Chapter 148 The Royal Familys Treasury
Chapter 148 The Royal Familys Treasury

Manager Sun, this suit has some small flaws which I have touched up. Huang Yue Li slowly said.

Manager Sun was moved: Master Huang, it has been hard you. When the Crown Prince receives his item, I would think he would be very pleasantly surprised.

A dark smile flashed past Huang Yue Lis face.

Pleased? Of course he will be pleased! And it will be a great like too.

However, the person who will receive this, would mostly likely be the Crown Princes opponent..

But, the Crown Prince should still feel honored.

Because not only has the Armament Master changed the intricate formations and markings, they accomplished through technique only seventh tier or higher masters would be able to execute.

To be used on such a suit of profound armor, he was the one to earn a profit! Looking at the sky, she said: The time is getting late now. I will first return. Ten days later, I will come and take the remaining three million gold.

Manager Sun busily replied: Please rest in the VIP room for a little, as I go prepare the carriage to send you back.

No need. I still plan to shop around the streets!

Rejecting the kindness of Manager Sun, Huang Yue li then proceeded to looked for an empty location. Finding one, she then stored the bags of herbs into the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Then she stuck two beards onto her face and left Thousand Treasure Pavilion through the crowd.

As she reached the exit, she turned around to discover that Mo Si, without pause, had continued to loiter around the inner courtyard.

A rare moment of sympathy went out to him. If this master were to discover he had lost sight of her, he would go scold Mo Si. life wasnt easy for a subordinate ah!

However, she did not wish to listen that mans words. Waiting for him to pick her up; she was not a pet! So naturally she must quickly slip away!

With the auction coming to a close, Huang Yue Li believe that in the strength of the Lord. it would only be a matter of time be she received the complete account of her sold items.

For the next few days, she must properly contemplate how to obtain that Flame Cloud Pearl.

Quite obviously, directly negotiating with the Emperor was impossible.

After all, the so called legendary master of some large sect was her own fictional creation. There was no method for him to reveal himself. While she was the nationally renowned wastrel. It would strange if the Emperor would agree to a meeting with her!

More importantly, the Flame Cloud Pearls were precious sixth levelled materials. And they were one of the more in demand materials.

Even if the Emperor was willing to strike a deal with her, she needed an armament at the fifth level or higher for exchange.

With her current cultivation, this was impossible to do.

So that only left one way. That is to steal it!

But it is not easy to steal.

The Royal Treasury was the treasure room of the South Yue Royal Family. Obviously the defensive mechanisms and protectors would not be lacking either.

But for Huang Yue Li these defenses were nothing but parlor tricks. Not worth mention, easily undone.

It was the guards of the Royal Treasury that would be the headache.

According to her recent inquiry, South Yue has two fourth stage Dan Profound Realm cultivators; they were the two strongest people in the country.

Their one of their duties was to guard the Imperial Palace. The other was the safekeeping of the Royal Treasury.

In addition to this, there was a team of Golden Scaled Guards stationed there. Each member was a Defensive Profound Realm practitioners. While the three captains were at the Spirit Profound Realm.

To her current waste constitution, direct confrontation was also out of the question.

Fortunately, she had another way..

In the blink of an eye, Huang Yue Li shut herself in her room for seven days. Refining various profound armaments. Later that evening, she stealthily snuck to a nearby canyon for a scout.