Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 151

Chapter 151 The Royal Personally Arriving
Chapter 151 The Royal personally arriving

Paying our respects to the Emperor

Kowtowing to the Emperor

This one is Tian Zheng Yong of the Golden Scaled Guards, pays his respects to the Emperor.

A chorus of voices echoed from afar.

Her heart jumping, Huang Yue Li knew that something was amiss.

After thousands of ten thousand calculations, with all sorts of preparations to ensure a ninety percent chance of success did she settle to come today. Yet the Emperor chose today of all days to come to the Royal Treasury.

Who knew what kind of wild thought possessed him to make him decide to come on this very night for an inspection!

She had inquired before. In a year, it would be rare for the Emperor to come once. Even if he did come, it would be during the day. What was going on tonight? Were the heavens deliberately going against her?

.Beloved official, please rise. The purpose of Zhens visit tonight is to take out the fifth levels black level upper grade profound skill; the Marrow Cleansing Scripture. I wonder if this profound skill is still being kept?

(Z: Beloved official is how Emperors refer to people who have their favor. Its like concubines. The chinese word for concubines is fei, by adding an ai before the fei, means that this woman has obtained the attention and love of the Emperor. Zhen is the official title Chinese Emperors refer to themselves by. Zhen means I/myself but very formally and exclusively for Emperors.)

General Tian hastily answered him: Rest assured my Emperor. The Royal Treasury is secure as a castle surrounded by metal walls and a boiling moat. Regardless of cultivation, they can only dream of entering! The treasure is definitely in pristine condition! This one will immediately go and retrieve it over for the Emperor. Please wait a moment!

En, I have troubled you my beloved official.

The Emperor nodded his head in satisfaction. It was clear of his great faith in the Royal Treasurys defenses.

As she heard the footsteps near, Huang Yue Li that it would be a great feat to slip away tonight.

Narrowing her eyes, she covered her face in a black cloth and immediately left the room.

However, she was still a step too late. The speed of the Emperor and his entourage were much faster than she anticipated. Just as she arrived at the steps of the fifth floor, she saw the crowd of people surrounding a middle aged man dressed in a golden robe walking in her direction.

Halting her steps, Huang Yue Li shifted her body and hid into a nook.

If she were to leave now, she would definitely bump into them. Her only choice was to hide herself, before finding a method of escape.

And just as she expected. Just as she hid herself, she heard a high pitched angry rebuke.

What is going on? ! Captain Cao, what is wrong with you? ?

Were done for. Someone has snuck into the Royal Treasury!

How could this be? When did they enter? Why werent the guards alerted of this intruder? Captain Cao is a Spirit Profound Realm practitioner, while the other Golden Scaled Guards are at the seventh level of the Defensive Profound Realm or higher. Were they instantly defeated?

My lord! Hurry up and look! The door of the treasure room has already been opened! Could it be.the items inside have..

Everyone onsite immediately became fearful. One by one, they cried out in fear.

As waves of fearful discussion passed by, everyone finally realised the Emperor was still standing there. At this point, they gradually shut their mouths.

Ashen faced, the Emperor looked on into the empty treasure room. He was speechless.

Cold sweated appeared on General Tian. His two eyes fearfully softened and he knelt to the ground.

Just half an incense stick ago, he was boasting infront of the Emperor how the Royal Treasury was secure as a castle surrounded by metal walls and a boiling moat. Immediately after his proclamation, he was heavily slapped!

The Royal Treasury was of utmost importance. It was protected by five layers of protective measures; a place of great concealment and protective. Yet it was robbed by intruders!

While the powerful squadron of Golden Scaled Guards were also wiped out! They could not even send out a signal before being defeated!

Clenching his teeth, the Emperor spoke: Where did this thief come from? Such large guts they have. Dare to rob the Royal Treasury! They have completely disregarded Zhen from their eyes! And you. Did you not say that the treasures were all in pristine condition? What about now?

General Tian repeatedly kowtowed, This servant deserves death! Your Royal Highness please spare me!

(Z: Quite contradictory. But its a way of speaking. To convey the gravity of their sins, but also wish for the Emperor to be benevolent and broad minded; sparing their lives as a good Emperor should. Bootlicking at its finest.)

Ruthlessly the Emperor looked at him, Immediately go and investigate for Zhen. Go and find his thief with heavenly courage! Recover all lost treasures! Otherwise, Zhen will not spare you!