Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Your Dog Eyes Are Blind
Chapter 154 Your dog eyes are blind!

As the various profound armaments Huang Yue Li had brought were nearly depleted, she had yet to lose the Imperial Tutor.

Finally, she began to feel traces of panic. As the number one Armament Master, a stately ninth grade peak talent, was she Huang Yue Li about to meet her end today at the hands of a fourth staged old man?

If word were to spread out, she would become a great joke!

In her worldly journeys, she had already experienced countless brushes with death as if a cat with nine lives. So in such a desperate situation, she could still coolly analyse her surroundings.

Without noticing, the two people had run all the way to the outer wall of the Royal Palace.

Her eye flashing, Huang Yue Li suddenly retrieved the sleeping little phoenix from inside the Sky Phoenix Ring.

The sky, the earth, little Wang Cai please hurry up and shoot fire! Today this Elder Sister will rely on you to survive! Hurry and breathe out a large breath of fire!

As Wang Cai was currently in his crucial stage of infancy. In order to mature fully, he must sleep a full sixteen hours each day.

So during the middle of night, it would be the point where he slept most deeply.

While in the throes of sleep, the little suddenly experienced a change in sharp drop temperature. Groggily regaining conscious, he discovered he was in Huang Yue Lis arms.

Un, unn!

This female devil, why was she disturbing someones sleep! They wouldnt be able to grow nice and tall!

Before he could complain, he saw a purple faced old man appear in his line of sight. His shrivelled arm reaching out towards him.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Mummy, save me! This old man looks so scary!

In fright, the little opened his mouth and puffed out a flame of true fire.

Ah, what is this strange thing? ? So painful, so painful! Why cant I extinguish this fire?

As the Imperial Tutor was being burned by the fire, she leaped over the wall.

Writhing in agony on the ground, mud smeared onto the Imperial Tutors entire body.

Due to the little phoenixs immaturity, the density of his true fire had yet to reach peak levels. After consuming a few pills and moving his profound qi, the Imperial Tutor then used quite a few skills to finally put out the fire.

Hastily turning his head, he discovered the thief had dared to jumped into the territory of the Royal Palace. Hesitating momentarily, he decided to follow suit.

Unfortunately, fortune was not with the Imperial Tutor. He had landed perfectly into the nails Huang Yue Li had set. He couldnt help himself but wail out loudly.

For such a scream to erupt out in the Royal Palace during night, it attracted the attention of all the surrounding patrol guards.

Who is it? Who dares to shout so loudly within the Royal Palace?

Not good. Someone has jumped the fence. Its definitely an assassin!

Call for assistance to capture the assassin!

The responses of the Royal Palace guards were extremely fast. Echoing each other, a large group of reinforcements quickly arrived at the scene and surrounded the Imperial Tutor.

In pain and fury, the Imperial Tutor vigorously cried out: Scram to the side for this senior! Can you not see who this senior is? Your dog eyes are blind!

Contrary to what the Imperial Tutor predicted, the vast majority of guards did not know who this bellowing man was. All they saw was a tattered clothed old man covered in injuries. While his face seemed fiendish, clearly displaying that he was not a good person!

Suspicious. Too suspicious!

Because the Imperial Tutor was too focused in capturing that thief, he constantly cursed with words such as kill and death. Due to this, the various guards blocked his path. So in a fit of rage, he inflicted heavy injuries upon a few nearby guards accidentally.

This move was equivalent to hitting the hornets nest!

Hah! He dares to kill?! He definitely is an assassin!

Capture him and obtain revenge for our fallen brothers!

Everyone do not be afraid. Lets us charge together!

The guards shouted and attacked together.

Although the Imperial Tutor could easily kill them with a single blow, he did not and could not. They, after all were the Imperial Guards of the Royal Palace.

Arms and legs tied down, both side became deeply tangled; unable to come to an end.