Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 155

Chapter 155 An Unbridled Kiss
Chapter 155 An unbridled kiss

In the midst of this chaos, Huang Yue Li stealthily moved along the wall in search of a hiding place.

During the night, the Royal Palace was tranquilly quiet. Even if the occasional eunuch or palace maid were to walk by, they would lightly step while carrying their lanterns.

Calmly she avoided them as she went towards a more secluded location.

Just as she was about to pass through a corridor.

Suddenly a large force came from behind her, pulling Huang Yue Li into the room.

Huang Yue Li would have never thought that there would be someone so powerful ambushing her. Without any notice or sign, she did not sense any presences nearby.

By the time she could react, she was already pressed against the door. While both her wrists were locked down by a iron vice grip above her head.

The strong silhouette of man pressed down upon her, closing the distance between the two to nothing.

Who are you? Releaseng.

As Huang Yue Li furiously commanded, her lips were sealed. Unable to continue speaking or breathe properly!

This was a very forceful and hot kiss.

The mans thin lips enveloped her cherry lips, massaging and ****. Then using a bit of force, he bit the corners of her mouth. Taking the opportunity while her lips were parted in pain, his tongue invaded inside and began to ravage her sweet tunnel.

(Z: Blurgh)

All of Huang Yue Lis attempts to resist were easily pushed aside by the man. With the mans overpowering strength, she found herself unable to resist or lever herself in the slightest.

Huang Yue Li awareness gradually became blurred as the mans strong smell and breath as it merged with her short breaths.

For some inexplicable reason, this unbridled and insanely powerful man gave her a sense of familiarity.

Lying within the mans embrace, that kiss and dizzying scent reminded her of her past life.

Just as she was about to suffocate, the man released her lips from his grasp. Moving down, he began to nibble on her slender neck.

(Z: Even Nangong Liuyun is far more well mannered than this masked dude. We even his name, while masky here refuses to reveal it!)

Raising her head, Huang Yue Li gulped in large breaths of air and slowly recovered awareness.

At this time, the mans trailing kisses had travelled down to her collarbone.

Youpervert! Who are you? What do you intend to do? Release me!

Using all her strength she wriggled and shook her body to escape his grasp. But the man remained as stable as Mount Tai, standing completely still. Helplessly and left with no resort, she turned to glaring venomously.

In the darkness of the room, she could only vaguely make out the electrically sharp reflections of his eyes.

Pervert? Clearly you felt quite good from this Seats kiss. But as soon as I left go, you turn against me?

A familiar husky voice echoed beside her ear.

Its you! Huang Yue Li cried out in surprise.

Chuckling lowly, the man went to light up the nearby oil lamp. Instantly, the room lit up brightly.

The man who forcibly kissed her, had turned out to be the Master of Thousand Treasure Pavilion!

Gnashing her teeth angrily, she fiercely glared toward him and said: You.why are you here? Why must you follow me around? And committing such things on me!

What things? He wickedly smiled at her.

So angered, Huang Yue Li wanted to but him.

Must you act this way? Who would have thought, after all the airs you had placed, you turned out to be a pervert! actually forcibly kissed me.

Wantonly, the Lord Owner observed her tender cheeks. Due to her anger, a rosy hue had appeared on them, while the flames of anger lit up her dazzling eyes.