Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Words Of Deja Vu
Chapter 158 Words of deja vu

He deliberately spoke as slow as possible, dragging out the me syllable. As his gaze landed on Huang Yue Lis tender pink cheeks, he smiled demonically.

Huang Yue Li returned with her furious glare, In your dreams! Your skin is both rough and thick, even if all of my teeth fall out, I will not bite you! Since your skin is this thick, why dont you take a walk around Dark Moon Forest. After a stroll, I guarantee that a large number of demonic beasts will fight each other to bite you. Bite you till not even bone dust will remain!

As the man watched her seething expression, he shook his head in amusement.

This little other places she was very smart, but was quite slow in this aspect

She did not catch his hidden meaning.

But this was good. In the coming future, he will properly teach her to make her willingly go and satisfy him.

As he smiled, he went to appease the hair standing little fox.

Fine, fine, dont be angry anymore. Clearly it was you in the wrong. If you had informed this Seat earlier, conveying your intentions to find a Flame Cloud Pearl, this Seat would have personally gone and obtained one for you. And then, you would not have to be chased and run away so madly.

Even if I didnt have you, havent I successfully obtained the Flame Cloud Pearl?

Proudly, Huang Yue Li raised her chin and the Flame Cloud Pearl.

The pearls dark red colour held great depth of colour. The faint glow it cast also alluded the deep red colour to that of dried blood.

The man could not tear his eyes away from the little foxs proud and arrogant manner. Her expressions lit up her entire being.

With a smile full of his indulgence and affection, the Lord Owner did not break her fantasy.

In truth, the Imperial Tutor had not been the only one chasing after Huang Yue Li tonight. In fact, another fourth staged master, the Emperors Third Uncle had been alerted.

But the Lord Owners people easily dealt with this Third Uncle. Through their intervention, Huang Yue Li able to escape without a hitch.

Otherwise, no matter how abundant her tricks were, she would be greatly exhausted and out of her wits to escape the pursuit of two Dan Profound Realm practitioners. She would not be able to stand in this room without a single hair harmed.

The man loved to see her in glowing spirits, so he did not choose to break her allusion. Instead, he shifted his gaze from her to the Flame Cloud Pearl within her hand.

So this is the Flame Cloud Pearl?

Are you kidding me? She raised her eyebrow questioningly, With your status and power, you have not seen a Flame Cloud Pearl?

The man disapprovingly replied: This Seat is neither an Armament Master or an Alchemist, why did I need to recognise this thing? It is only a sixth rank material. Towards materials such as these, only ninth rank ones are able to capture this Seats interest and acknowledgement.

Speechless, Huang Yue Li was stunned from his words.

Those words, they sounded..a bit familiar.

A long time ago, Mu Cheng Ying seemed to have also said those very words to her.

When she recalled that man who had come to save her, a sour feeling arose within her heart. Her train of thought travelled to those times..

Back then, the two often went outside to explore various secret territories. When Huang Yue Li saw high levelled materials, it would break her heart to leave without them. She insisted on digging up every nook and cranny, in order to bring all the precious resources away with her.

While Mu Cheng Ying used the same disapproving tone to say: Isnt it just a piece of rock? Why must you insist on taking it? Do you know how dangerous it is?

But these are high ranked materials for Armament Masters! What rock? Dont you have the least bit of knowledge? Huang Yue Li would roll her eyes in response.

Armament refining delays cultivation. I have no interest! In any case, as long as you have enough power, you would easily find someone weaker than you to protect. For those Armament Master who need protection, you can ask them to make the appropriate armaments.

As he said this, Mu Cheng Ying deliberately swept his gaze over her. In was quite clear that in his eyes, she was a weak Armament Master who need protection.