Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 160

Chapter 160 I Dont Need Your Protection
Chapter 160 I dont need your protection!

Opening the door slightly, Huang Yue Li secretly looked out.

In the quiet palace, chickens were flying and dogs jumping. The lights in each room began to light up, looking very strange.

If she were to continued to remain here, she could only become more and more passive.

Making a decision in a split second, Huang Yue Li prepared herself to rush out of the palace, mixing in the various palace ladies to look for potential opportunities of escape.

Although it was extremely dangerous to go out now, it was better than staying inside and waiting. For those Golden Scaled Guards, it would only be a matter of time before they found the room where she is hiding in.

Stripping off her night clothes, she suddenly went to pull opened the door with intentions to go out.


No movement? Why did the door refuse to move?

She froze and then lifted her to see the Lord Owner had unknowingly appeared behind her. His slender strong hands were gently pressed against the door, not allowing her to open it.

Huang Yue Li sighed out exasperatedly, What do you want to do it? Hurry up and move aside! If I dont leave now, it would be too late!

What is the rush? The man said lazily. Although he was gazing at the little things fierce glare, he did not seem to sense her urgency.

Youre not anxious, but I am! Huang Yue Li exploded from anger, If they were to find us later, how will you deal with it?

Nonchalantly the Lord Owner replied: With no other choice, we can just kill our way out. These guards are but at the second stage. With a single move from this Seat, they will all perish!

Huang Yue Li naturally would not question this mans ability.

But if he were to really kill in the Royal Palace, only more trouble will arise.

Although she did not care about the options of South Yues Emperor, but she still needed to stay in South Yue for some time. It would not be beneficial for her if the city were to be engulfed in wind and rain no good for her. If martial law would be then strictly enforced on the street, it would cause difficulties for her to sell her goods in the future.Unless she no choice but to use this last resort, she would prefer to find other methods.

Has this row of rooms been searched?

This is the Resting Palace of His Highness, so no one has ever lived..

All the more reason to search! The thief will definitely hide in a room without anyone!

But, what if that His Highness returns and found out that we broke in.

He is not here anyway. Do be so wordy and quickly go search!

The search of a nearby room being searched could be heard. The guard in charge of the search was only ten meters away from them.

Very worried, Huang Yue Li attempted to forcibly pull open the door again, Quickly let me out!

He lowered his head and gazed at the little things drums adorable and prideful puffed cheeks. A smile flashed in his eyes.

His right hand still pressed on the door, while the left hand moved down to hook Huang Yue Lis waist. In a low voice, he whispered into her ear: Little thing, do you not believe that this Seat can protect you?

His sexily tempting voice sounded, as his thin lips gently blew hot air into her ear.

Huang Yue Lis ears uncontrollably heated up.

She leaned against the door, face flushed while her heart cursed this man for being both shameless and senseless.

At this time, he continued to act in such an ambiguous! He thought it would make her obedient from guilt?

She..she will not be confused!

Huang Yue Li pursed her lips, I do not need your protect..

Her statement dropped off when she heard the loud voices of the Golden Scaled Guards sound from outside the room.

Whats the matter? There are people in this room?

Did you not say there are no people living in this row of rooms? Who is inside then?

Quickly open the door! Catch that assassin, and search every room. If you do not open the door, we will forcibly make our way inside!