Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Dont You Dare Speak Nonsense
Chapter 163 Dont you dare speak nonsense!

Ah! So painful, painful! Help me!

Save me! My hand, my hand!

Blood, so much blood!

Bursts of screams echoed into the midnight. Hearing those ghastly cries during such a dark and cold night was particularly frightening.

As he gradually lessened the pressure, the remaining Golden Scaled Guards could finally raise their heads. Pale faced, they looked at him in fright; all on the verge of collapse.

They only saw the severed hands and feet of the men who had attempted to take liberties with Huang Yue Li lying on the ground. As they lay spasming on the ground, their blood gushed out creating small pools around them.

But this is not the most scary part. What was even more frightening; their nether regions had become plies of mashed up flesh! Clearly..they had all become eunuchs without consent!

For a warrior, broken hands were not rare. But to be so directly attacked in such a place; no man could stop cold sweat from appearing on their backs.

Urgh! Someone vomited onto the ground in front of them.

The rest did not vomit, but their bodies had all turned stiff not daring to move about. They fear angering the devil in front of them.

No matter how much they thought, they did not understand why such a terrifying person would appear in such a secluded location!

Where they not just a little couple in the midst of their affair? The female looked pure, while the male; although not a member of the Golden Scaled Guards; should be a ordinary palace guard.

Ordinary palace guards would at most, hold cultivations around the eighth-ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm. Incomparable to them; say nothing to their entire squadron.

They..they actually had been pressured to ground, unable to rise up!

Quite obviously, one move from him would be able to wipe out everyone present!

The Lord Owner swiftly glanced down at the kneeling Golden Scaled Guards. Wherever he looked, he was met with silence and fear of offending him.

Even those guards whose limbs had been severed, did not dare to utter a single moan again. They could only painfully lie on the ground.

In such a gloomy cold atmosphere, there was still a voice to who dared break the silence.

Hey, can you let me go now? Hurry up and let me go down! Also, I am not your woman. Dont you dare speak nonsense!

Completely ignoring his cold expression, Huang Yue Li twisted her her body and pushed him hard.

Kneeling at the door, the Golden Scaled Guards drew cold breaths.

Did this woman lack brains or something? In front of such a demon, she dare speak so presumptuously? Not only was this man immensely powerful, but he also looks to be the cold and relentless type.

To provoke such a person, even if you were his woman, there would be no good fruit to eat ah!

However, the reaction of the Lord Owner was not how they expected.

His grip on her waist was still firm, while his line of sight slowly moved down from her flashing eyes, sweeping past that tiny nose and falling lightly onto the mouth.

He whispered: If you dont stop talking, I will kiss you?

What? Dream onl! At such a time, your brain..wu wu wu wu! !

He knew this little thing could not take the stimulation!

In all, he had warned her. If this little thing must go against him, then she couldnt blame him right?

Hooking his lips, the man sealed her mouth to block all protests.

Huang Yue Lis face turned red immediately. She could not believe this man would perform such actions in public!