Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 166

Chapter 166 The Little Fox Who Came To See The Show
Chapter 166 The little fox who came to see the show

Immediately after he concluded his words, the Golden Scaled guards behind him moved to encircle the pair.

When they saw their fallen comrade on the grounds, they all became vigilant and knew that this man was not an easy opponent. They decided to go all out from the very beginning.

The Commander himself also struck out. Using a secret move, his gale-like palm cut through the air and towards the Lord Owners abdomen.

All the while, Huang Yue Li had continued her struggles against the mans iron cage grip.

But as soon as the Commander and his guards entered the room, she ceased all resistance and quietly sat on the mans lap to watch the show.

She had already told the man not to create such a big fuss; to escape in the confusion. But who could predict this damn man would, against all expectations, go against her warnings. Making the problem larger and larger!

Now look at the result; the Commander of these guards had also arrived. Mostly likely after he had been hacked in half, she predicted that the Imperial Tutor would make an entrance.

She really wanted to see how this man would solve that? Did he intend to slaughter every person within the Royal Palace?

And because she her heart took joy in other peoples sufferings, Huang Yue Li forgot all about struggling. A smirk rising on her face, her crafty eyes shone with light. Trapped in the mans embrace, she nearly forgot the circumstances she, herself was in.

Although the Golden Scaled Guards were all in the Defensive Profound Realm, they cultivated a group attack formation. When this was activated by numerous people, the end result could be able to barely contend with a powerhouse at the fourth stage; the Dan Profound Realm.

This immense profound energy charged towards the pair sitting on the Imperial Consorts bed. In a moment, it would explode out at them.

But the an icy gleam passed through the mans eyes. Tightening his grip on the little fox within his arms, he leaned back with ease. He did not resist in the slightest.

Watching his reaction, the Commander felt pleased.

Although this man appeared mysterious, there would still be a limit to his strength. He simply could not go against this combined assault. This reaction of his, is probably from shock?

But this was good. For this affair to reach such a degree, he had had been quite worried about possible demotion. But these worries seemed needless. As long as he could capture this man and bring him to the Imperial Tutor, he could at least present him with some sort of explanation.

As for whether or not he was the little thief that the Imperial Tutor spoke of or an adulterous affair, it did not seem to matter? Afterall, his actions had been very suspicious.

In the instant the Commanders raging palm was about to land on the man, the Lord Owners finally pursed his lips.


He growled out.

This voice was not loud and sounded cold as ice, but that single word embodied boundless might.

Following his crisp articulation, an incomparably immense and irresistible pressure descended down onto the room. For the people in the room, it was like they all had to suddenly carry a load of ten thousand jin on their shoulders. Not only was it heavy, it also stopped them from raising their heads.

Swiftly after that, the Commander felt a large suction force. Unable to react in time, he was sent flying out of the room and crashed through the wall. Rolling in the stone and rubble, he finally landed in the corridor.

He deserved his cultivation of the eight level of the Spirit Profound Realm. In spite of the heavy injuries, spitting out mouthfuls of blood, he could still manage to pick himself up from the ground.

Clutching his stomach, terror filled his entire face.

This manjust from saying one word, he was able to completely reflect his profound skill back to him!

You must know that ones who attacked were not any Dick, Tom or Harry cultivators. One was a genuine eight level Spirit Profound Realm cultivator and the rest were a group of Golden Scaled Guards whose combined forced equalled a Dan Profound Realm cultivator!

This strength.just too horrifying. Even the Imperial Tutor himself would not be able to accomplish this!