Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Trulytoo Similar
Chapter 170 Trulytoo similar

Usually, what this little fox loved to do more than anything in the world, was to to swindle others. Since these Golden Scaled Guards had offended her today, it would be reasonable to expect her to swindle everything single thing from them. Not even leaving their pants behind!

But what was the result? Even when the events were all dealt with, she continued to remain silent.

Everytime the little fox was in his arms, she was usually in a high strung state. Currently, her little hands were clutching onto his sleeves as she stared intently at him.

This kind of well behaved attitude was cute, but the man did not feel too accustomed.

He couldnt have turned into a masochist by this little girl?

Hooking his lips, he laughed and whispered into her ear: Little girl, this Seat knows that that he has unparalleled looks, dont need to stare at me so frankly? After all we are sitting on the bedside, if you are like this, this Seat will not be able to help himself and do some.immortal things. Or perhaps, you actually await such things?

Huang Yue Li bit her lips and blinked. Still possessing that at-a-loss expression.

Her face, which was originally both clever and adorable, when coupled with her rare exposed look of innocence, struck a direct blow towards the mans heart.

If it werent for the feeling of wrongness, he predicted that he would have long held her chin down to kiss her.

But with this situation, did the little thing become possessed?

Usually speaking, if he said such things, this little fox would be in a rush to beat him, no? While her current blank expression allowed for free molestation?

Could it be..seeing his true appearance and identity, had surprised her to this degree?

In reality, Huang Yue Li was very surprised, very very surprised. Or better words, shocked beyond belief!

When the Lord Owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion took of his mask to reveal that devilishly handsome face, she felt her entire body stiffen instantly. Her breathing had ceased, and her heart beat reducing reducing by half.

Because he really.looked too similar..

From that first glance, Huang Yue Li thought she was looking at..Mu Cheng Ying.

The legend said that the Tian Ling Continents most powerful expert, chief of the Ten Great Handsome Males of Sky Emperor City, and the Sovereign of the Blue Profound Sect, the number one sect of the Seven Great Hidden Sacred Grounds

(Z: The author did write four sacred ground previously, but this may be a typo or another ground she/he is referring to)

But similarly, in her moment of life and death, he had disregarded everything to come and save her. Towards her, he was the most sincere man.

In the moment that mask was shed, Huang Yue Li fell into complete loss.

Concerning the Lord Owners shots, his dealing with the Golden Scaled Guards, Huang Yue Li only felt them vaguely pass by. She could not feel anything.

Many past memories and feeling floated in her mind, striking her to the point of collapse.

She recalled the numerous times the two people had missed each other, the countless misunderstandings. Up until the very end, when she thought he would no longer leave any more traces of himself in this world, did she discover


Hey, little thing, do not scare me! You havent truly been possessed? Or did my profound qi hurt you?

As the sounds of an anxious man sounded in her ears, a pair of beautiful large hands forcefully patted her white cheeks.

Suddenly regaining self of herself, Huang Yue Li shook her head. Finally she was aware of her surroundings.

Within her pair of shiny dark peach eyes, her heart shuddered. She realised that she had not looked closely enough.

And now, the distance between the two was only a cun apart.