Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Imaging The Reciprocated Love
Chapter 172 Imaging the reciprocated love

The situation was good and the atmosphere ambiguous.

So the Lord Owner wished to take advantage and attack, becoming more intimate with this little fox who adored escaping. It would be best if he could capture her heart with tactics like a beautiful man.

And from the looks, it seemed that Huang Yue Li was attracted to him. Her eyes misting, body softening and showing no signs of resistance.

But who knew, just as he wanted to come and do something, she suddenlyrelentlessly pushed him away.

Because Huang Yue Lis heart was a mess, she could not spare any more time or energy with him. Without out much thought, she threw out those words: This is just an unpredicted variable. Regardless of the person here, I would have still kissed him. Dont you misunderstand!

Misunderstand? Do you mean to say that this is all a misunderstanding?

Wrinkling his eyebrows, the gentle light within his eyes gradually disappeared and coldness re-enveloped them.

Feeling oppressive aura, Huang Yue Li couldnt help but take a step back.

If not? What else would it be?

The girl gently raised her chin to stare at the front of the man, the attitude furthering the distance between their respective statuses.

This attitude deeply angered the man. He could not believe that, in such a short moment, her attitude had a one hundred and eighty degree turn!

God knew, when she took the initiative to kiss him, his mood soared up high. When she had kissed him, the arm that was hoping her down, was trembling non-stop.

And when the cunning little fox stared into his face in a daze, he really thought that this handsome face, which had previously mesmerised countless high-society young ladies, also captured that girls heart.

As a result, his heart secretly leapt in endless joy.

(Z: Thats kinda cute.masky u still innocent and young~)

Even those Golden Scaled Guards who committed such grave mistakes, he did not bother to care too much. All he wished to do, was to send them away as soon as possible and properly tease this little thing.

But who knew

Was it really just him who assumed his loved had been reciprocated?

This man had always possessed a high standing, rarely suffering setbacks. This was especially the case for the numerous women surrounding him. Occasionally when his gaze lingered around them or even a slight smile, would caused these young ladies to fall into a frenzy, unable to sleep for nights.

And this little girl?

So devoted he was, yet she was still playing with him?

Gloomy faced, he slowly approached retreating Huang Yue Li.

Forced backwards, Huang Yue Lis back soon touched the wall.

She knew that the man was angry. Those familiar peach eyes showing both love and hate, and complex emotions of a damaged self-esteem. All these felt so familiar.

Those were the kind of emotions she used to see from Mu Cheng Yings eyes.

Her delicate eyebrows frowning, she tried to reason with the man.

You..dont be impulsive. First listen to me.I really do not have that kind of feelings towards you, do you understand? Things like love cannot be forced

When her small and bright lips were pursed together, they looked particularly attractive. But the words she spat out were enough to drive him crazy.

In that moment, all reason seemed to have left him. One handing landing on Huang Yue Lis shoulder, he heavily threw her onto the wall.

The girls chin was forced up to meet the mans thing cold lips. In a fit of blazing anger, her roughly sealed her lips.

Coarsely..he fiercely kissed her.

Or possibly, this was not so much a kiss. It more closely was an angry ravage as the man vented his anger.

Pressing hard on the girls lip, his tongue eagerly slid inside.