Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 173

Chapter 173 What Do You Want Me To Do?
Chapter 173 What do you want me to do?

Yet Huang Yue Li continued to purse her lip and clench her jaw. She did not allow for many more opportunities for him to close in further.

More viciousness flared up in the mans heart and he directly bit down on her lip, cutting open her lip.


Huang Yue Li cried out in a smothered voice.

When he heard her weak groan and smelled the scent of her blood, seemingly becoming more excited. Wantonly, his tongue charged into her mouth and began to unrelentlessly move about.

Suddenly, the mans eyes opened wide. Looking down, he didnt dare believe his eyes.

In a fit of desperation, Huang Yue Li had kicked his lower body. Not only did she kick out, she had used a special martial skill.

Usually speaking, such attacks would have no possibility of landing on himself. But his emotions and state of mind were too angered. All of his attention had been captured by that metallic smell of blood; he could not spare attention elsewhere.

And what made him even more stifled, were this little girls lips. Her lips were like drugs; trying it once and you would become addicted. The moment he touch those soft lips, that kind of ecstasy-like feeling caused him to want to taste them again and again, unable to stop.

All other considerations were thrown to the back of his mind.

As a result, he was heavily hit by her strike.

How plentiful was Huang Yue Lis battle experience? Striking out the moment he was in a daze, she quickly escaped from his clutches.

I..really am sorry, but.

Subconsciously she bit her bottom lip, but did not realise her lip had been cut by the man. Due to this, the action caused a wave of pain to flood through her.

The man in front of her immediately straightened his back. So, without saying a word more, her feet pushed off the ground. Utilizing a profound skill, she flew away and into the corridor.

Although Huang Yue Lis strike was very sharp and to the point, there was a limit to her strength. Instead of saying she had seriously injured the man to escape, it was more appropriate to say the man was much too shocked. which allowed her the chance to escape.

When she was escaping out the room, the man had already suppressed the pain and was capable to acting out again.

The current him, held thousands, hundreds of methods to tie down this little fox.

No matter what background she possessed, what kind of bizarre techniques and treacherous astuteness, even absolute black level profound power, she was no match for this man!

But he had forcefully controlled himself and did not go to hinder her.

Leaning on the door frame, he watched that slender figure dash out of the palace doorway like a floating cloud. Tightly clenching his teeth, the mans peach eyes no longer held any trace of a smile. On his handsome face, was a distorted expression.

Smashing his fist heavily on the nearby wall, the entire palace trembled with him.

Bai Ruo Li..youyou just cant put me in your eyes? What do you want me to do?

He really wished he could chase after her, but he forcibly controlled his urges.

He had always been a target, countless females aimed to obtain; he naturally would have his own sense of arrogance and pride. Actions as to deliberately try to woo a girl and make her happy, had long surpassed his imagination. Yet time and time again, he was unable to control himself; he dearly wished to treat Huang Yue Li very well, very well.

This kind of impulsiveness, was like a mission originating deep from within his soul. No matter how hard he tried, he could not keep it under control.

It was like he was under a spell.

But, this girl was just too vicious. She simply did not put any of his actions in her eyes. All of his doing, his feelings, she completely disregarded.

While he

He grinded his teeth a bit, and told himself that if he were to chase her this time, he would be the lowly one!