Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Refining The True Phoenix Flame
Chapter 177 Refining the True Phoenix Flame

As the blood red water bubbled, the herb essences began to be gradually absorbed into Huang Yue Lis body.

Very quickly the basin of water became transparent like normal water, but still continued to bubble.

At this point, Huang Yue Lis tightly closed eyes opened, her eyes flashing a golden colour.

Sitting up, her mind finally became sober once more. At the same time, she felt as if her entire body had been reborn!

Although the herbal essences had been absorbed into her body, turning into clear water, but the True Phoenix Flames continued to heat the waters. To ordinary people, it was still quite hot to the touch.

However, this temperature did not make her feel any discomfort. On the contrary, she felt as if she returned to her infant days, her whole body full of vitality.

It was like the power of these flames were a part of her body. Every cell in her body clamoring to obtain this power!

A ghost of smile appeared on her face. So the Flame Spirit Physique!

It was even more amazing than her previous ninth grade fire attributed talent. She was just quietly sitting there, yet she could feel the surrounding fire elements scrambling to her direction!

Waving her hand, the burning Phoenix True Flames flickered a bit, but did not seem to resist her too much. She easily absorbed it into her body.

This female devil, youyou.

Squatting to the side, the little phoenix stared at this scene with an open mouth.

Just now he thought that this poison tongued woman would be cooked in the tub. Almost scaring this baby to death!

When he thought of this possibility, for her to open her eyes again, little phoenix felt secretly happy for her. But out of his expectations, her next action stunned him so much that his eyes almost fell out.

She.. she.. sheshe actually absorbed the True Phoenix Fire into her body?

He didnt see wrong did he?

Although the high levelled fire attributed practitioners could refine fires into their bodies as a means of attack.

But that as the first of the top ten fire rankings; the True Phoenix Flame ah!

Even in the God Realm, wanting to refine the True Phoenix Fire, that was something only top level geniuses could do. As for a Lower Realm such like the Tian Ling Continent, this kind of thing was simply unheard of!

Although Huang Yue Li currently possessed the Flame Spirit Physique, geniuses with the Flame Spirit Physique were not a few. Those who could obtain the True Phoenix Flame in their teens, numbered zero.

Besides, even if one could just barely refine it, the entire process is extremely difficult. They needed to go through all kinds of painful torments.

If there are no experienced elders aiding from the side, it will be easy to go berserk.

But this female devil? She waved her hand? Then? ?

After a stiff faced expression, Huang Yue Li finally revealed a smile.

Although this little ghost was usually very arrogant, it still knew to worry about his owner in key moments. Finally, those buckets of chicken legs were not bought in vain!

Stinking brat, your worry over this elder sister, makes her so moved! But are you not some tall and grand mythological Phoenix? How are you not embarrassed by your frequent crying? Arent you ashamed?

Huang Yue Li lightly teased him.

Momentarily shocked, the little phoenix immediately recovered himself and jumped up angrily.