Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 182

Chapter 182 Upgrading Of The Sky Phoenix Ring
Chapter 182 Upgrading of the Sky Phoenix Ring

Retrieving the thrown Nine Phoenix Transformations, Huang Yue Li wrote down the necessary ingredients needed to breakthrough to the second layer.

This time, the required materials needed were more ludicrous than last time.

That was because the majority of the listed materials last time were medicinal herbs. Furthermore, they were not high quality ones either. As long as you possessed enough money, you could purchase all of them.

Whilst this time round, a good portion of the materials were high levelled demonic stones. She required nine fifth grade demonic beast stones, four sixth grade demonic beast stones and one seventh grade demonic beast stone. Not to mention, they all needed to be of the fire attribute.

For Huang Yue Li, this was too hard to accomplish.

All fifth grade demonic beast stones were set at astronomical prices. If she wished to purchased just one, it would be a hard to accomplish feat! Let alone that many!

And if she were to go hunt them by herself, her little strength was insufficient to take down a fifth grade demonic beast. Disregarding finding one, she wasnt even qualified to enter the inner regions of Dark Moon Forest.

And if she were to consider finding some people to assist her in taking down a seventh grade demonic beast, they need to at least be in the top twenty of the entire South Sky Region. Not mention the enormous expenditure, they wouldnt accept any commission. If an unknown nobody girl like her were to request their assistance, they would not acknowledge her!

But apart from this road

Suddenly, the owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion passed through her mind.

If it were that man, she wondered if he could deal with a seventh grade demonic beast?

No, it cant be! Although he had excellent talent, he was still young in age. At the tender age of twenty, would he be stronger than Mu Cheng Ying if he were able to deal with a seventh grade demonic beast?

Rising to the position of most powerful person in the history of Tian Ling Continent, even Mu Cheng Ying still only reached the seventh layer at the age of twenty.

Vigorously she shook her head, in an attempts to erase the mans figure from within her head.

She thought too much.

Regardless whether or not the man was truly that strong, even if he were a Sky Profound Realm expert, it was impossible for her to ask him for help.

Huang Yue Li was not a sloppy person towards love. Since she had made a concrete decision not to reciprocate the mans affections, she would no longer have any further interactions with him.

She could not find it in herself to act like a white lotus, pure and innocent with exploiting his good intentions. She clearly knew she would be unable to return his feelings.

It would be better to be straightforward. To clearly reject his intentions from the beginning, cutting through his unrealistic dreams.

As a result, in the short term, it would be impossible for her to breakthrough to the second layer?

Wrinkling her eyebrows, Huang Yue Li wasnt too worried.

There were always alternative methods. She just needs time to think of some. It would also better for her to solve the more immediate problems in front of her!

Putting the Nine Phoenix Transformationsaway, she entered the world of the Sky Phoenix Ring with a single thought. She wondered how the arrested little phoenix was faring.

She made the appropriate preparations already. Each time, the little phoenix would definitely throw a big tantrum, destroying and creating chaos inside the Sky Phoenix Ring. The aftermath was similar to a storm had passing through.

In the previous house arrests of this child, that had always been the end result.

But the result this time surprised her.

For a moment, Huang Yue Li thought she had walked into the wrong place.

The inner space of the Sky Phoenix Ring had expanded infinitely.

Previously, she could describe the place as a room with a door. But now, this room seemed to have undergone a renovation, becoming completely different and brand new. Upgrading from a shabby and unfurnished room, to a lavious and bright living room.