Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Peach Blossom Banquet
Chapter 185 Peach Blossom Banquet

Although Cai Weis talents werent bad, she had yet to fully link all her meridians and be considered a cultivator.

In her perspective, Huang Yue Li could already be considered a peak level expert.

Head lowered, Cai Wei carefully chose her words: Third Young Miss, this servant did not intentionally wish to disturb you. But..but someone from the Royal Palace has arrived.

The Palace? Huang Yue Li was surprised.

Information of her stealing from the Royal Treasury couldnt have leaked out?

Thats not right. If news were leaked out, the Golden Scaled Guards would have already stationed themselves along the perimeter of the Back Courtyard. Why would they be this amicable and send a maid to escort her out?

Cai Wei replied in a hushed voice: From what I hear, he is Eunuch Li from the Empress Dowagers side.

This that so? Huang Yue Li raised her eyebrow in question, Then I will go meet him.

What? You saythat the Empress Dowager is hosting a Peach Blossom Banquet three days later in the Royal Palace, inviting all of large family ladies in the Capital? Not expecting to hear such news, Huang Yue Li asked this confirmation in surprise.

Eunuch Li nodded his head.

Thats right. This years peach blossoms are blooming early and coincidentally there is a peach Blossom grove within the Palace. The view is very beautiful. Her Empress Dowager really adores it and she can imagine how much young girls like flowers, so she is inviting the young ladies for a viewing. For the young ladies entering the Empress Dowagers Palace, great fortune has been bestowed upon them. Congratulations Third Young Miss Bai!

So it was like this. May I ask how many esteemed young ladies have received this invitation?

This privilege as only been given to the young ladies with the appropriate high statuses, all daughters of the first wife. For example, your elder cousin Second Young Miss Bai, Official Ding Jins Eldest daughter and fourth daughter, Jing Jun Manors..

Curving her lips slightly, Huang Yue Li looked at Eunuch Li with a face of smiles. While other intentions flashed through her eyes.

In the previous years, the Empress Dowager often loved to host such gatherings in the Palace. But in these recent years with her old age and declining health, she needed to rest within the Palace. Rarely she showed her face.

This peach Blossom banquet was neither for play or for gathering. Under the guise of a banquet, the Empress Dowager had invited all of the most noble and unmarried young ladies of the Capital.

If there were no hidden intentions in such an event, it would be very strange.

She presumed this is because of the lose of face between the Crown Prince and Bai Ruo Qi previously.

This banquet, couldnt be a banquet to choose the His Highness the Crown Princes Imperial Concubine?

As Huang Yue Li was pondering this, Eunuch Li was also secretly observing her.

He was a favoured person of the Empress Dowager. No matter which family he visited in the Capital, he would be given distinguished treatment.

Contrary to his expectations, at Huang Yue Lis, he had been kept waiting for half a day.

This cause Eunuch Li to feel quite displeased. But when he met with Huang Yue Li, he was given quite a shock.

They all said that the Bai Familys Third Young Miss was thin and ugly with a timid personality. Not to mention she possessed a waste physique. Such a person naturally could not match His Highness the Crown Prince.

If it werent her father, Bai Liu Fengs status as the number one expert of South Yue, as well as her previous verbal agreement of engagement with the Crown Prince, then she not possess any qualifications to attend this banquet.

Because she could not even pass the most preliminary of tests. She was out of the Empress Dowagers scope from the start!

But when he met her today, Eunuch Li really doubted his eyes.

The young girl standing before him, had bright eyes and pearly teeth, arched eyebrows, a jade nose and a beautiful face.

Although her body is a bit underdeveloped, it was not strange for her age. And from his observations, she carried herself and a special kind of light and graceful manner.

In addition to this, she held a arrogant and cold demeanor unique to those of high standings. This demeanour would unconditionally make others lower this heads in her presence.