Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Capable Of Attracting The Hornets Nest
Note from Z:

IMPORTANT (kinda) *Empress Ming Fei Empress Ming

Everyone knows that Emperors have hundreds of wives, and each of them has their own title, name and ranking. Depending on the dynasty, it changes but overall there are several levels for these women and many sub-levels within (like cultivation levels). If you are not within the top 10 sub levels of the top rank, you will have to chance of ever seeing the Emperor. So the top positions are very competitive. Below the Main Imperial Empress are the minor Empress titles. They are still concubines, but reign above the rest, only below the Imperial Empress. So if they were to have any major accomplishments, i.e. sons, their sons may possibly become the next Emperor. In that case, the Imperial Empress will only be an empty title. They wont step down, but they will basically wield 0 influence and power. I hate the Harems affairs *_* mind you this is a very basic and condensed explanation, these ladies can have up to 10s of titles and names. With their real names never to be referred to because of the their titles and positions.I think a good portion died as virgins too. OFC, some might have affairs because they never will meet the Emperor and he doesnt know they exist. But if they were discovered to have an affair, well have my blessings.

Chapter 193 Capable of attracting the hornets nest!

Ah? He is the Second Prince born of Empress Ming?

Didnt rumors say that the Second Prince is very weak in health, and possibly.already

Wait a moment, who is Empress Ming? The Palace only has four Empresses, so where did this Empress Ming come from? Another girl asked.

General Nans Second daughter lowered her voice and whispered: You do not even know this ah? During the reign of Empress Ming, there was simply no one in the entirety of the six palaces, and she received all of the Emperors pampering. He almost never went to the Imperial Empress place.

Ah? Is that so? she asked again: Since Empress Ming was so adored, currentlyhow come there are no mentions of her name?

This was royal secret, but with so many years in the passing, it is a public secret now.

Looking around and saw they had not attracted any unwanted attention, Second Young Miss Qi began to inform her bosom friends.

From what I heard, around two decades ago, the Imperial Empress and Empress fell pregnant at almost the same time. If the Emperors favored Empress Ming were to rob the position of the eldest son, it will naturally have an impact on her status of Imperial Empress. As a result, the two Empresses used all their strength to give birth to the eldest son.

Someone interrupted at this moment: Quite obviously it is Her Majesty, the Imperial Empress who won! His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is the elder, while Prince Yu Wang is only the Second Prince.

Yes that is correct. Its reported, in year of their birth, Empress Ming was the first to enter labor, but it ran into a difficult labor. After three days and nights, she had yet to give birth to His Royal Highness Prince Yu. As a result, the Imperial Empress who began later, gave birth to the Crown Prince. Barely holding onto her life, Empress Ming still managed to leave behind His Highness Prince Yu. So His Royal Highness, Prince Yu is only a day younger than The Crown Prince.

Wa, what a pity!

Yes, for His Royal Highness Prince Yu to be born without a mother is so pitiful!

Unexpectedly, with such a handsome face, His Royal Highness Prince Yu possessed such a devastating past?

Second Young Miss Qi glanced at them, Seems you are quite interested towards His Highness Prince Yu, eh?

An aristocratic daughter immediately laughed: I heard that today is for the selection of Imperial Concubines, not only limited to the Crown Prince. The Empress Dowager also holds the intention to select some for several other princes. The position of Crown Princes Imperial Concubine is unattainable for the majority, but His Royal Highness Prince Yu is still quite good. Although he is the Second Prince, he still possess a Princes title. You will immediately become a Princess once married!

Someone echoed: Yes, His Royal Highness Prince Yu looks so handsome, just by walking by, his elegant grace, is simply donned him the title of worlds most beautiful man. For the one who could marry him, will have smoke rising from their graves!

Yes, ah yes! His Royal Highness Prince Yu is just too handsome!

Just by looks alone, who can defeat His Royal Highness Prince Yu!

hiding behind the peach tree, Huang Yue Li listened to those girls issuing their floral praises. Her lips pursed, she was in a very bad mood!

Unexpectedly, this man was quite capable at inciting the hornets nest!

His Royal Highness Prince Yu right? Out of this world handsome right?

By only slightly exposing his face briefly, he could captivate so many hearts on site!

Then why did he insist on wearing a mask infront of her, acting in such a cool manner? While in front of these girls, he did not cover it?

Could it be, he enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by women?

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