Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 196

Chapter 196 The Hidden Conspiracy
Chapter 196 The hidden conspiracy

Bai Ruo Qi quietly hooked the corners of her mouth as her eyes flashed a shady color. Tightly she clasped onto a small paper bag hidden within her sleeves.

Inside the paper bag was a special powder given to her by Wu Wei Manors Madam last night.

.take this medicine. Once dissolved in the wine, it will be colorless and tasteless. Just look for an opportunity for Bai Ruo Li to drink this!

Nothing unexpected will occur? What if its detected?

How will that be possible? Your aunt had especially helped me obtain this from the Imperial Physician, Jiang Yi Zheng. When the time comes, he will make an appearance, guaranteeing the demise of this slut! No matter how guarded Bai Ruo Li is, even if she tested her wine, she will not find anything. This is not poison, its merely medicine to aid in improved blood circulation. Its just a larger amount than normal.

Yesterday night when Bai Ruo Qi heard the words of the Manor Madam, she learnt that when compared to her mother, she was really lacking far behind in such aspects. To think that she believed herself to be quite smart already.

Effortlessly, the Manor Madam could pull out such a plan. Worthy of her many years of experience living within the Manor.

This time, it will not be so easy for this little slut to escape!

With great difficulty, Bai Ruo Qi covered the triumph within her eyes and said happily: Third Sister, do not be so distant, for we are cousins. One brush cannot write two Bai characters! Sister, I am sincerely apologising to you today. In addition, the last bottle of Spirit Raising Pills is also within your possession.

With this act of Second Young Miss Bais, she appeared even more pitiful.

Unknowingly it caused others into thinking she was bullied too!

Though the onlookers knew of the two sisters dispute at Thousand Treasure Pavilions auction, listening to her raise the issue of the Spirit Raising Pills, they couldnt help but feel sympathetic.

No matter how one put it, in the bet between the two sisters, Bai Ruo Qi had lost quite thoroughly. Losing not only money but her cultivation pills as well. Now that she was taking the initiative to apologise, it showed how generous she was. While Huang Yue Li who was pretentiously striking such a pose turned into the wicked party.

Listening to the opinions of the onlookers whispered discussions regarding the events of that day, Huang Yue Lis mouth curved into a ridiculing amused smile.

Second Sister, when you speak like that, you speak like an outsider! That day we were both too impulsive. For an affair that has already passed, naturally I am unwilling to bring it back up

Bai Ruo Qi chuckled inside. Sure enough, under the pressure of public opinion, this little slut did not dare act as arrogantly as that day!

Hurriedly she said: It is a good thing that you are willing to forgive me Third Sister! In this case, let us drink this cup together and let bygones be bygones! Starting today, we will be close and intimate sisters!

After that, she picked up the jug on the stone table and personally poured two glasses of wine.

As she was doing this, she had previously secretly scraped the powder into her nails. Standing sideways, she blocked Huang Yue Lis line of sight to cleverly sprinkle the powder into one of the cups glasses.

Considering herself to be the highest in standing among those present, she was certain that hiding her schemes would be an easy task. She was not worried about being seen.

So on her face hung a brilliant smile, Third Sister, let us drink this cup of wine!

What Bai Ruoqi did not know was that her approach in the Huang Yue Lis eyes, was amusing as a little child playing house!

Her underhanded actions of dropping the medicine inside was clearly seen Huang Yue Li.

Bai Ruo Qi just wondered what kind of medicine did she put inside?