Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 204

Chapter 204 It Doesnt Look Too Good
Chapter 204 It doesnt look too good

Once the Empress Dowager arrived, everyone scrambled to their knees madly.

It was no longer appropriate for Huang Yue Li to continue to hide within the curtains.

She regretfully looked Bai Ruo Qi, Second Sister, I want to help you here, but.I have to go out to greet Her Highness. You stay here and rest, I will leave first!

Bai Ruo Qi gnashed her teeth to death, but did not make a sound.

Strolling away lightly, Huang Yue Li hid in the back of the crowd, seamlessly fitting in.

She could hear the Empress Dowager say: At ease, to these young ladies, you may sit down.

Only then did Huang Yue Li look up.

She had heard people say that the Empress Dowager usually stayed indoors reciting scriptures after entering her senior years. While also doing quite a few charity works in her spare time, quite a friendly and old lady.

But at that current moment, there was not a trace of kindness on the Empress Dowagers face. She could only see a straight face that coldly gazed at the crowd in front of her; filling the room with her royal and dignified presence.

Of course, in the face of such a shameful situation, even the with the temper of a kind old lady, she would still be angry!

Before Huang Yue Li could rejoice in happiness, she could not help but frown the moment her eyes landed on the person beside the Empress Dowager.

Next to the Empress Dowager was none other than the most favoured Concubine of the Palace, Empress Shu!

According to the rumours, not only was Empress Shu beautiful, she was well versed in poetry and painting. Her cultivation talent wasnt bad either. The Ninth Prince that she gave birth to, is second only to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, a fourth grade talent.

Only this year, the Ninth Prince is twelve years old; not in the list of Crown Prince candidates.

Of course, more importantly.

Empress Shu is Wu Wei Manor Madams blood sister and Bai Ruo Qis blood aunt!

In the moment Huang Yue Li saw Empress Shu, she knew that an unexpected situation had occurred. UnfortunatelyBai Ruo Qi had escaped today.

And the situation may become worse

Sitting down, the Empress Dowager said in a cold voice: Which one is Wu Wei Manors girl, suspected of losing her virginity before marriage? Why havent you shown yourself, do you expect for this Royal to coax and plead you?

Empress Shu solemnly bowed: Your Highness please quell your anger, it is because Young Miss Bai suffered very heavy injuries. So it is difficult to move.

She was seriously injured because she asked for it! Tell Doctor Liu to give her a pill to recover the stamina, then quickly come out!

Yes, yes, yes..

The Empress Dowagers chest constantly moved up and down from anger.

Empress Shu hurriedly supported her and consoled: Your Highness, Empress Dowagers please calm your anger. Even if such a thing occurred, although scandalous, such anger will affect the bodys health. It is not worth it!

Saying this, her eyes made a lap within the crowd, as she wanted to exchange a look with Bai Ruo Qi.

How was she to know, that no matter how many times she looked, she failed to find anyone.

Slightly frowning, Empress Shu felt something was amiss.

The things Bai Ruo Qi was going to to do in the palace today, the Madam had mentioned a few words to her. Asking her to fan the flames at the key moment in the presence of the Empress Dowager, ensuring the complete suppression and eradication of Huang Yue Li!

It was nothing more than a few words. Nothing difficult to do.

Since Empress Shu had always been quite close with her sister during childhood, naturally she agreed to such a task.

Therefore, since the moment she arrived at the Empress Dowagers Palace of Compassion and Tranquility, she had been waiting for Bai Ruo Qis good news.

Originally she was a bit worried, worried that Bai Ruo Qi would not be able to find the opportunity use the medicine, or be discovered. The results proved otherwise. Though that girl was young, she could still get things done.

It wasnt until noon, that GuGu Li sent someone to report to the Empress Dowager that someone had fainted in the Palace due to a miscarriage!

At this news, Empress Shu let out a sigh of relief. Knowing it was her time to appear, she followed the Empress Dowagers and rushed to the scene.