Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Thankfully She Was Quick Witted
Chapter 208 Thankfully she was quick witted!

Court Doctor Liu turned deathly pale.

He desperately hoped that the Empress Dowager would avoid summoning other court doctors to verify this truth. When he was arguing with Bai Ruo Qi, how was he to expect the intervention of Empress Shu.

What should he do next?

Just as Court Doctor Liu was at his wits end; filled with cold sweat; an idea suddenly appeared in his mind.

Just doing this.was it a bit too hard?

However, who told Bai Ruo Qi to frame him first? She could not blame him!

Not long after, GuGu Li brought over someone people from the Imperial Physician Institution.

Apart from the four court doctors, even the institutions vice heads had arrived. Making a total of six people.

The Empress Dowager commanded: Take turns to check Second Young Miss Bais pulse. Find the cause of her fainting.


Too doctors first walked up to complete their diagnosis. Not long afterwards, all six court doctors had completed their medical diagnosis.

The Empress Dowager asked: What is problems have you found? Speak in succession. In the face of such an ugly scandal, all information is crucial. This Royal will not be angry and punish anyone for speaking their mind. But if you were to talk nonsense, not blame Ai Jia for being ruthless!

Yes, yes, yes, please rest assured. This will not speak any useless drivel.

The first court doctor to step out began his report first: Your Highness, Empress Dowager, Second Young Miss Bais illness is not complicated. She merely took a tonic with ferocious aftereffects. This led to excessive blood flow from bursted meridians, this explains the bleeding. As for the issue of loosing consicousness, it may be anemia from the excessive bleeding.

He paused and could not resist but to say a few more words.

This official really wants to advise Second Young Miss Bai, this medicine should not be eaten carelessly. Even though you martial practitioners have stronger immune systems, but too taking too much of something will leave very bad aftereffects. In worse case scenarios, you will die!

In other words, this is not a joyous pulse? Her Highness asked.

Joyous pulse? The court doctor returned with a surprised look, How? This pulse is too much different from a joyous pulse; absolutely impossible to mistake this! Second Young Miss Bais symptoms, which unlearned doctor diagnosed her? From what school did he obtain his qualifications from? Who knows, it might be that very doctor you gave Second Young Miss Bai the medication!

The Empress Dowager asked the remaining number of doctors, all saying something similar.

As a result, the truth surfaced.

Obviously, Bai Ruo Qi was not pregnant. So the question of her lost virginity before marriage, there remained no more than baseless doubts.

Relieved, Bai Ruo Qis face revealed a trace of a sneer. Her dark gaze swept over Huang Yue Lis body.

Fortunately Empress Shu was present. Thankfully she was quick witted!

Otherwise this time, she would be killed by that little slut!

More than that, she would not eat face down. She will ask for her good third sister when they returned!

Aware of her gaze, Huang Yue Li blinked and suddenly laughed.

Oh? My Second Sister, you didnt think that this was the end? So naive! Scamming so many people, yet you thought that this situation would end so easily?

Although Bai Ruo Qi could not hear her murmurs, but she saw her laughter. And could not help but secretly wondering: What is this little slut laughing at? Does she still want to do something? No, thats impossible. As long as I proved my innocence, what could she do to me?

At this moment, she heard the shaking voice of Court Doctor Liu.

Your HighnessEmpress Dowager, please do not be angry ah. This official deserves ten thousand deaths! But official also has his own difficulties. Your Highness, please give this official an opportunity to explain himself!