Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 209

Chapter 209 That Years Li Girl
Chapter 209 That years Li girl

Before the Empress Dowager could speak, Empress Fei snapped out.

Silence! Did you not hear the statements of the various court doctors? This pulse is impossible to misdiagnose. So you deliberately misdiagnosed in hopes of corrupting the reputation of Second Young Miss Bai. Daring to lie in front of Her Highness, this is a grave crime! Now your conspiracy was revealed, you dare to quibble?

This official is not quibbling, but afraid of Her Highness being fooled by others

Committing such a crime, but hold no intentions to repent. And you want to continue making stories to deceive the Empress Dowager?

This official has already been convicted and is willing to receive punishment, but he cannot allow for the perpetrator who plotted from the shadows to escape..

Shut up!

Hearing him mention the shadow perpetrator, Empress Shu quickly cut off him.

Guards come, drag this deceitful sinner off and place them in the dungeons! The crime of has conclusive evidence against him. Everything you say is useless!

The guards beside Empress Shu immediately obeyed her command and dragged Court Doctor Liu outside.

No, no, no, no! !

Because Court Doctor Lius mouth was tightly covered by the guards, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to speak of his protests!

Waving her hand, Empress Shu waved her hand to inform the bodyguard to quickly drag him away from the Empress Dowagers attention!

Now that Bai Ruo Qis injustice was finally washed away. This fool must be quickly dragged away to not affect the election of Concubine selecting. If news of this poisoning were to leak out, they would be finished!

Chest heaving up and down, the Empress Dowager almost had an asthma attack. She was surrounded by court doctors, so she had no energy to spare for the ensuing circumstances.

They watched Court Doctor Liu being dragged out of the Peach Blossom Orchard.

Wait a moment!

A crisp and sweet voice sounded.

Her voice was not loud, but it contained an amazing penetrating power.

Swallowing her pills, the Empress Dowager calmed down and heard someone say something. Surprised, she turned her head to look.

At the edge of the Peach Blossom Orchard, a young girl dressed in white slowly appeared.

She looked soft appeared elegant in temperament, it seemed as if she was different from the rest of the others. In the trees and under the pink petals, that childish face looked particularly delicate and tender pink.

Whose daughter is this? When Ai Jia looks at her, why does she feel such destiny. How come she has never been seen before? Does she not come to the Palace often?

Throwing out this remark, Empress shu and Bai Ruo Ai heard alarms bells ringing in their hearts.

That damn girl.a thorn in their flesh. Wasnt it that little wastrel slut, Huang Yue Li!

Empress Dowagers adored young girls; but there arent many princesses in the Royal Palace. So many daughters of ministers and nobles could show their faces in front of the Empress Dowager and obtain rewards.

Bai Ruo Qi was one of them.

Previously, Bai Ruo Qi did not think that her Third Sister with her personality, even if she could enter the Palace, she would only receive the Empress Dowagers dislike. How would she know in the past month, this damned girl seemed to become a completely different person.

Not only did she attract the attention of the Crown Prince, she was even gaining the Empress Dowagers, enough to say giving her a feeling of destiny!

This was enough!

For a moment, Empress Shu did not know how to answer.

Using accusing eyes, GuGu Li immediately stood up and said: Your Highness, this young lady, you held her when she was younger!

Oh? Who? The Empress Dowager became even more curious, How come I can not remember?

GuGu Li smiled and said: This is Third Young Miss Bai, the only daughter of Wu Wei Manors Bai Liu Feng. You also bestowed her a title of Region Princess too!

The Empress Dowager suddenly said: So she became such a cute girl! That year, she was the most sensible little girl; even more obedient than some of the Emperors Princesses!

Suddenly, her eyes turned more affable.