Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 216

Chapter 216 Making A False Counter Charge
Chapter 216 Making a false counter-charge

The Empress Dowager could hardly believe her ears; she had been made a fool and lied to for so many years!

The fact stood, the Empress Dowager and the Emperor were people who cherished the past. They still very much treasured the friendship with Bai Liu Feng.

After all, seventh level super experts would generally leave their country of birth and set off to the centre of South Sky Region. They were not somebody the small country of South Yue could keep.

Bai Liu Feng however, held quite a lot of righteousness. Due to a friendship with the Emperor from their childhood, he continued to remain in South Yue. It was also due to his presence, that quite a few surrounding Royal Families, absolute hegemon countries, did not dare to provoke them.

After the disappearance of Bai Liu Feng, the Empress Dowager remained very concerned for his only daughter.

In those days, Bai Liu Feng and Bai Liu Jing were the model example of brothers. No one would imagine that she would suffer any abuse, if left under her uncles care.

When she heard the girl was weak in health, the Empress Dowager became further worried. She did not wish to disturb her recuperation.

How was she to know that the Manor would pull so many underhanded tricks!

However the reality was, the Empress Dowagers care for Bai Liu Fengs daughter was secondary. The main reason behind her extreme anger was the extent of time she had been fooled! More than ten years!

No one liked to be played a fool, say nothing of the Empress Dowager!

This was a capital offense; lying to the Monarchy!

Empress Dowager calm your anger. II reallycan explain..

Bai Ruo Qi hurriedly kneeled down on the ground as cold sweat rolled down her forehead. Then drop by drop, they splashed onto the ground!

She really did not expect Doctor Liu to be so daring, blabbering everything out.

She was down for this time. Her mistreatment of Third Sister was a criminal offence, and her impression within the Empress Dowagers heart would become sinister and cunning woman. Once it reached the ears of the Emperor, she would no longer have any chance to become the Crown Princes Imperial Concubine!

If things were to advance in severity, might also affect the reputation of Wu Wei Manor!

She was really finished this time!

Empress Dowager gasped angrily: Explain? Ai Jia wants to hear how you will explain yourself?

Bai Ruo Qi bit bite down her tongue and tears came tumbling down her face.

She said chokingly: Empress Dowager, you have always treated Qier the best. How can you listen to an outsider, then directly condemn Qier?

Looking at her cry, the Empress Dowager fell to a loss.

This was the girl she watched grow up from young. So as the Empress Dowager watched her cry so miserably, she inadvertently became a little shaken.

Did she really wrong her?

Her tone softened a little, In that case, you must have a good explanation. If you can not explain everything clearly, you cannot blame Ai Jia!


Bai Ruo Qis heart beat quickly as she thought.

She had to find a good reason for today, otherwise.

Eyes flashing, she came up with a vicious idea.

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