Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Extremely Skillful
Chapter 236 Extremely skillful

God knows how long had it been, since she last touched the qin?

In her past life, Huang Yueli was the continents most famous qin master. Her qin skills had reached the apec of perfection. While ordinary qin masters could only perform ear lulling melodies, her pieces all held a mysterious kind of skill.

The heavenly sound.the once ninth realm peak expert Huang Yuelis calling technique, the number one cheat skill of the Tian Ling Continent!

Her armament at the time had also been a qinMoonlight Beauty!

However, the Moonlight Beauty was not an ordinary qin. It was something she personally created, encapsulating the spirit of a ninth level armament.

That year, its sounds had, without exception, awed countless soul-masters! Who knew what the number had been!

When she self-detonated in that icy region, she had brought along with her, her very own Moonlight Beauty. She wondered if it had been destroyed by that powerful explosion.

Even if not destroyed, many years had past. It most likely had been long picked up, right?

A thousands thoughts swirled within Huang Yuelis mind, her hands stopping in the process.

The Imperial Empress immediately took the chance, reminding her: Bai Ruoli, why do you not start? There are still many other ladies waiting behind you to perform, please do not delay for too long.

Huang Yueli recovered herself and lightly laughed: Replying to the Imperial Empress, a real master must first take some time to settle themselves. Otherwise the music will lack feelings and depth of soul.

Bai Ruoli secretly laugh. The sound is not high not low, just enough for Huang Yueli to hear.

Where did you hear that from you? You can lie pretty well! Who cannot play such tunes? Let us hear what you have to perform then!

From the very beginning, Huang Yueli was too lazy to care about her.

But what she said was the truth. If the Bai Ruoqi did even understand this, then yet to enter the basic level!

Stopping for two more breaths, her fingers trembling slightly as she pressed softly on the strings. Then, uninterrupted melody flowed from her fingertips!

Seven strings flowing, the sounds of the heavens turning insignificant.

These sounds, like mountains and rivers, like moonlit breezes, like jade breaking, like fireworks bursting!

Almost instantly, it captured everyones minds.

Huang Yuelis slender fingers lightly danced as she was plucking as she wished. But her rhythms, sway freely, gracefully and ever moving.

In this breathtaking qin performance, pair of illusions appeared infront of all listeners. It seemed to be elegant and indifferent lilies slowly opening their delicate petals, lonely but aloft, emitting an elegant fragrance.

It is a out of body experience is extremely beautiful and awe-inspiring.

As the song ended, the qin slowly came to a stop.

But everyone remained immersed, unable to return to reality.

Huang Yueli coughed gently and said: Ladies and gentlemen, this song is calledHidden Orchids one of the Ten Famed Qin Songs. The earliest record from ancient relics of immortals, a true slow drawn melody. If played with an armament qin, it is able to achieve an effect of tranquility. A pity this ice jade qin is but an ordinary item

Hearing her talk, everyone awoke from their dreams. As they recovered, their eyes fell on Huang Yueli; all with looks of shock!

No one thought this idiotic waste Bai Ruoli could play the guqin. Not only that, she had played so well. Fully embodying the sounds of nature, extremely talented!