Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Prince Yu Bestows The Qin
Chapter 238 Prince Yu bestows the qin

The Emperor paused, a little undecided as to what to give her.

Gold and silver jewelry were poor in taste and incapable of showing the importance he placed in Huang Yueli. And to give her profound armaments, this little girl could not cultivate so she has no use for them.

While he hesitated, Huang Yueli spoke for herself.

Your Majesty, Lier asks for your favour. If you can, can you give me this ice jade qin?

Although the qin is but an ordinary item, the workmanship is too wonderful. From a single tonal sound, she could deduct that its quality was not that far from her Moonlight Beauty.

More importantly, this qin was made from very rare water paulownia wood!

This is a very rare fourth levelled materials with the three attributes of fire, water and wood!

As a possessor the Flame Spirit Physique, with natural ninth grade talent in all systems, she greatly needed a multi-attribute qin as her weapon.

Multi-attributed materials are already very hard to find. This ice jade qin not only was made from rare materials, its workmanship was also very well done. As long as she refined with it as the base, it could become a fourth grade profound weapon!

It was precisely the weapon she needed most!

Emperor hesitated for a moment, This.

Huang Yueli thought that the qin was too precious, hence the Emperors reluctance. She was considering whether or not she would exchange it with some of her current armaments.

Who knew the Emperor would turn to look at Prince Yu.

Moying, this qin a possession of your Imperial mother, if you cannot bear.

Huang Yueli turned dumbstruck.

This piano a possession of Empress Ming Fei? ?

Li Moying bottomless dark eyes fell silently and gloomily on her.

In the moment their eyes met, Huang Yueli only felt her body turn stiff. An unspeakably cold barrier formed in her heart.

The eyes of this man..completely indifferent. No longer carrying that compelling sense of aggression and the teasing joy of gentleness of the past.

It seems..he is looking at a total and unrelated stranger.

Huang Yueli clenched her fist unconsciously and bit her lip.

Obviously, this was what she wanted. The two no longer held any ambiguity. Like they had never met before, each going their own way on this bridge.

However, she felt too uncomfortable.

How many years had passed since she last saw such coldness in those two peach eyes?

Li Moying looked at her for a long while, but did not speak. The atmosphere at the banquet frozen for those few moments.

Unable to stand the pressure, Huang Yueli opened her mouth first.

Well, Im sorry. I did not know that this was Her Royal Highness, Prince Yus mothers item. Asking for it, is too rude of me. I ask for His Royal Highness Prince Yus forgiveness. This ice jade qin..

Gifting this ice jade qin to you.

Talking, Huang Yuelis hurried speech was interrupted but a frosty voice.

Ah? She was surprised.

See Li Mo Yings apparently angry angry face, she expected he was still hung over the rejection. Huang Yueli made the preparations for his refusal.

Who knew that he would speak and bestow the qin upon her.

Staring at her delicate white face, he looked at her rare expression of shock. The small pink lips slightly open, bright cat eyes rounded all appeared extremely cute.

Its no wonder shes the little thing that captured his attention.

Unfortunately, it was too hard to chase her.

As Li Moyings heart fluctuated, he nearly lost control.