Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 239

Chapter 239 The True Colour Of Calamity
Chapter 239 The true colour of calamity!

Spending a great deal of willpower, Li Moying barely maintained his look of expressionlessness.

He said lightly: My Royal Mother really loved the qin, and certainly hoped I would keep the qin to find a real master who deserves it and treasure it. Third Young Miss Bais qin skills are superb and without compare. If this qin does not follow Third Young Miss Bai, I am afraid I cannot find another owner. Why allow it to lie in the treasury forever?

Li Moyings thin lips, they way he talked, all contained a kind of expensive and elegant grace.

His voice low and sweet. Even if he spoke indifferently, it carried a natural allure.

All the girls present, even knowing he was useless, could not help but involuntarily drag their eyes towards him.

Truly the colour of calamity!

Huang Yueli could not help but secretly ridicule.

She gently pushed away the ice jade qin.

Thank you for Your Royal Highness Prince Yus kindness. After all, this is the Empress Ming Empress Feis, with such bad aptitude, Lier cannot accept this.

If this qin were left behind by any other empress, she absolutely will not hesitate to accept it.

Musical instruments are like armament, they searched for owners worthy of them.

And she Huang Yueli considered herself to such a person who would be able to bring out the true ability of the ice jade qin.

But unfortunately, this is the relic of Li Moyings Royal Mothers.

If she accepted it, she could not help but always feel that is was somehow related to Li Moying.

It is really ambiguous to accept the treasure left by someone elses mother. Even if she really wanted it, it..

This world did not only have this qin, why accept it and let others misunderstand?

Li Moying raised his eyebrows and said: What does Third Young Miss Bai mean? You cannot put the ice jade qin in your eyes, so you are not fit for this qin?


Huang Yueli could not help but stare at him. This mans mouth is too cheap!

This occasion, in front of the three giants of the Palace, regardless of how she replies, it will be very rude. Why must this man push her like so!

Before Huang Yueli could reply, the Emperor spoke up.

Lier, since Moying took the initiative, then this qin will be your reward. When the Empress Ming Fei was alive, she did say that the thing she couldnt bear to leave was the ice jade qin. She did not know who to entrust it upon

Emperor sighed slightly, a trace of nostalgia flashed in his eyes.

The Imperial Empress secretly bit her teeth in anger.

After so many years of her death, the Emperor still missed that damn fox! It is unfortunate a dead person cannot compete with her!

Its just this malevolent star, Huang Yueli. It was like meeting a ghost.

Didnt they all say she was trash? Why could she suddenly play the qin?

Moreover, from a single song, the Emperor remembered that concubine. Simply working against her ah!

No, she must allow her to become her daughter!

The Emperor did not notice the Imperial Empress change in expression. As he was immersed in memories of the past. It was a long time before he recovered.

Today is really a good day. Moying will be choosing his Imperial Concubine at the banquet, considered to have a royal wife. Even the ice jade qin, has found a new master. Lier, just accept this qin. From Zhens eyes, you are fated with this qin!

Listening to these words, Huang Yuelis back was covered in sweat.

His Royal Highness Prince Yu really intended to select his Imperial Concubine at this Peach Blossom Banquet?