Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Liu Yiyis Challenge
Chapter 245 Liu Yiyis challenge

Apart from the Imperial and main Concubine, the Crown Prince still needed to select four other side concubines.

Originally, none of the ladies present possessed anything outstanding or eye catching. But the current battles gave them the opportunity to leave a small spark of interest in the various Princes. Who knows, maybe their battles captured the attention of a certain Prince?

With someone paving the way, each of the young ladies began to step up and showcase their talents.

Amongst the show, there were a few cases of secular and hidden martial skills appearing. This aroused the interest of the Imperial Tutor and obtained the bestowals of the Imperial Empress.

There were even a few golden spooned young ladies who cultivated agility and speed related techniques; so their moves and strikes appeared like extremely graceful and elegant dances. Extremely pleasing and attention grabbing.

Very quickly, almost every single young lady had stepped up for a challenge.

There were only three people who had yet to step onto the stage. They havent even moved their bottoms from the beginning till now.

These three people were the seeded competitors of the Peach Blossom Banquet. The top three candidates wereHuang Yueli, Bai Ruoqi and Liu Yiyi.

These three, each one was a heavyweight character. Furthermore, they all held extremely high chances of becoming the next Imperial Empress.

None of these competitors had moved an inch, and displayed no intention of battling.

The only reason why no one challenged Huang Yueli was due to her status as a wastrel. To challenge her, they did not have that much face to lose!

While the issue of battling Bai Ruoqi and Liu Yiyi, not enough courage!

Who didnt know Bai Ruoqi as the number one female cultivator of South Yue, the only fourth grade talent! And with her natural talent and hardwork, she had already reached the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm at the tender age of fifteen!

While Liu Yiyi, was only second to the Bai Ruoqi, another talent. Sixth level of the Qi Profound Realm at sixteen years. As a powerhouse, she also cultivated the Liu Familys secret artGale Blades.

This profound skill was something the Liu Ancestor, a fourth realm expert, had handed down to his family. Its power was no laughing matter.

As a result, Liu Yiyi was considered to the second most powerful female cultivator after Bai Ruoqi.

With identities such as these, these relatively talented golden spooned young ladies could only look from afar. Who held enough courage to challenge them?

Afterall, as daughters of these influential families, there only goal was to display their talents and obtain the good graces of the Imperial Empress. They had no need to risk their lives. It was simply not worth it.

After the other golden spooned young ladies left the stage, quite some time lapsed by before the next challenge was issued.

The entire Palace of Peace and Tranquility settled down.

Everyones gaze travelled and inspected the direction of the sound; Bai Ruoqi and Liu Yiyis side.

Of these three people, apart from the trash Third Young Miss, the challengers would naturally be the remaining two.

Of these two, either Bai Ruoqi or Liu Yiyi had made the decision to enter the field. As for the their desired opponent, it would definitely be a battle between the two.

This would a true battle between the dragon and tiger!

The number one and two ladies of South Yue battling for their honor and the position of Crown Princes Imperial Concubine! As one imagined the scene, emotions welled up inside their heart.

Was the question now lay in, who was the one that issued the challenge? And who would be the challenged one?

Of the two people, it was finally Liu Yiyi who stood and walked to the centre of the battle stage.

Your Imperial Highness, Imperial Empress, my Dingguo Houses Third Young Miss Liu Yiyi, third grade talent had the fortune to breakthrough to the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm seven days prior! I wish to the challenge Wuwei Manors Second Young Miss Bai Ruoqi!

As the words left her mouth, quite a few spectators spilled their cups of wine.

Qi Profound Realm seventh level! Liu Yiyi actually reached the Qi Profound Realm seventh level? How could this be? She is only a third grade talent, how could she possibly cultivate this fast ah!