Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 251

Chapter 251 This Relates To The State
Chapter 251 This relates to the state

Ashen faced was the Empress Dowager.

Although she understood what the Imperial Empress was conveying, but when she recalled the trickery by family of Wuwei Manor playing her like a fool, she could not help but be angered.

Ai jia did not say that she is condemning Bai Ruoqi of her crimes now. Shouldnt everything be investigated first right? We still need to wait a few days for evidence to be found?

As the Imperial Empress was struggling to produce an appropriate response, the Imperial Tutor spoke out.

Your Highness Empress Dowager, forgive this old mans words. Even if we find evidence, we cannot declare Second Young Miss Bais crime!

Glaring, the Empress Dowager replied with displeasure: Imperial Tutor, Ai jia and the Emperor have always held high regard for you. But you cannot disregard state law! Although Bai Ruoqi is your disciple, since there is evidence for her crime, she must accept the consequences!

Then I ask Your Highness, what crimes are you condemning Bai Ruoqi? Frankly speaking, she merely plotted against her own younger sister and this did not implicate any lives. Frankly these are all affairs of Wuwei Manor! Even if it were the Royal Family, you cannot freely butt into the family affairs of another right? Even if Doctor Lius words are true, it only proves that Bai Ruoqis character is bad, it is not enough to imprison her!


The Imperial Tutor spoke with justice and logic, shutting the Empress Dowager up in an instant.

The Empress Dowager knew the Imperial Tutor was only acting on behalf of his new disciple to shed her of her crimes. Yet she could not refute in any way.

This was because the Imperial Tutors words were all correct. This was a matter between young ladies of the family. And according to logic, outsiders held no rights to meddle in their affairs. If it werent because Bai Ruoli being the daughter of Bai Liufeng, it would be impossible for her to but in.

Furthermore, the Imperial Tutor had a very high standing. Just like the Imperial Empress, she could not force them to abide by her wishes.

Wrinkling her brows, the Empress Dowager said: This would not be considered a crime, but she cant possibly become the Imperial Concubine of the Crown Princes? Imperial Concubine to the Crown Prince..would be the future Imperial Empress, mother of the country! With her character, how will she be a good role model to young girls? This will impact the fate of your country!

The Imperial Tutor replied: Absolutely improbable, Your Highness Empress Dowager! If we do allow Bai Ruoqi to the Crown Princes Concubine, this would be the thing to impact the fate of our country!

This words? How come Ai jia does not understand?

The Imperial Tutor began to explain: Your Highness Empress Dowager, think about this carefully. So many small countries surround South Yue and their power is about the same. Which country does not wish to obtain a future fourth realm expert as their Imperial Empress? If our Crown Prince is unwilling to take Bai Ruoqi as his Imperial Concubine, this might give other Royal households to snatch her away!

These words troubled the Emperor.

During this time, he listened to the conversation between the Empress Dowager and Imperial Tutor from the side and did not speak up until now. He could no longer help himself: Imperial Tutor, your words make sense..

Furiously the Empress Dowager cut in: Even if this is the case, we cannot allow her to become the Imperial Empress! Anyway, Ai jia does not agree to wed her to the Crown Prince. Apart from the Crown Prince, are there not many other Princes? The Third Prince is also a fourth grade talent although a bit inferior, he can barely qualify!

Hearing this, the Imperial Empress was all the more anxious.

What she fear most was the Third Prince taking her future daughter-in-law!

Your Highness Empress Dowager, quell your anger. Although the difference between a fourth grade talent and fifth grade talent is merely a single grade, but this difference is as different as the sky and earth! How would Bai Ruoqi be willingly to wed the Third Prince?

The Empress Dowager knew this as well. She spoke the truth, but the Empress Dowager remained angered: Why would she be unwillingly? Afterall, the person with the engagement to the Crown Prince is Bai Liufengs daughter Bai Ruoli! She is the cockatoo occupying the magpies nest!