Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 252

Chapter 252 That Years Engagement
Chapter 252 That years engagement

The Emperor let loose a sigh, feeling somewhat at a loss.

Thats right. Despite Bai Ruoqis crimes, if we allowed her to become the Crown Princes Imperial Concubine, how would I possibly explain to Bai Liufeng if he returns? Sigh.Ive just recalled how just he was. If this promise was to be broken where Zhen also allows his daughter to be bullied, how can there still be justice?

The Imperial Tutor snorted from the side and turned a bit depressed.

He remembered when Bai Liufeng was still a child, the Imperial Tutor was already a top expert of South Yue.

At that time, when the Imperial Tutor saw Bai Liufeng who just entered the first realm of cultivators, he wished to take that child as his disciple. But the result? He was rejected by this commoner born child.

The Imperial Tutor had always been an easy to anger person with low tolerance. At the time of his rejection, he felt very offended. But he could not find an opportunity to take revenge.

The reason being the sheer speed of Bai Liufengs advancement. It was flying fast, a speed that far surpassed the imaginations of people like the Imperial Tutor.

Superior talent, eighth grade talent. At the age of seventeen, he had reached the fourth realm and stood on equal footing at the Imperial Tutor.

In the next few years, it was a path of breakthroughs. Afterwards, the Imperial Tutor could not longer tell the level Bai Liufeng had attained.

Not only this, Bai Liufeng had replaced his position and became the one the Emperor relied on most and trusted most!

Fortunately after a few years, Bai Liufeng mysteriously disappeared allowing the Imperial Tutor to regain his lost position.

But the degree of trust the Emperor held for Bai Liufeng always far surpassed the Imperial Tutors.

He did not expect that even after so many years of Bai Liufengs disappearance, the Emperor would still feel guilt over the mistreatment of his daughter. When the Imperial Tutor heard the Emperors words, the Imperial Tutors mood turned foul.

In his eyes, no matter the contribution Bai Liufeng had given, those were all past affairs.

Under the current circumstance, Bai Ruoli is a typical trash. Without the protection of her daddy, she should not obstruct the Crown Prince and affect his future and the future of the country!

Stroking his beard, he frowned slightly and sank deep into thought. Suddenly his eyes flashed with an idea.

Your Majesty, this old one has an idea.that year you promised Lord Bai, you did not necessarily mean Bai Ruoli and the Crown Prince ah! You did not forget this right?

Startled, the Emperor replied: What? How could this be? Zhen clearly remembered that we were in the eastern Lotus Pavilion of the Yu Garden. At that time, Madam Bai had just fallen pregnant and had accompanied her husband into the Royal Palace. Mo Jun was only six at the time, and his talent had already been revealed. When Liufeng saw this, he was very pleased and Zhen brought it up as a joke.joke

Recalling the memory, the Emperor suddenly revealed an expression of surprise and stopped speaking.

The Imperial Tutor chuckled and laughed: My Emperor, you have remembered? At the time, this old one was also present and heard the dialogue between you and Bai Liufeng. The child in Madam Bais stomach if a female would naturally be the most talented female, while the Crown Prince is the most talented male. If the two most talented children were to become a pair, their children would be golden boys and jade maidens! A match made in heaven!

The Emperor continued: Thats right, Zhen did say this.

Laughing, the Imperial Tutor continued his recount: My Emperor, please look. What you said at the time, was to bestow South Yues most talent female as his spouse, so naturally this still means the Crown Prince and Bai Ruoqi! This is completely unrelated to Bai Ruoli ah?

But. The Emperor continued to waver, If we must explain like this, wouldnt this be a bit too forced? Back then, these words were clearly directed at the child in Madam Bas stomach, as such for Zhens words.furthermore, it was for Bai Liufeng that Zhen

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