Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 253

Chapter 253 The Engagement Is Finalised
Chapter 253 The engagement is finalised

The Imperial Empress quickly voiced her support, The Imperial Tutor speaks the truth! This concubine was also present at the time, so she heard those exact same words! Not to mention Bai Ruoqi is also Bai Liufengs niece. By choosing her, the Emperor is giving them great favour. As the proverb says, one pen cannot write two names. How can we say we are letting down Lord Bai?

As the Imperial Empress spoke, her eyes shone with a grateful light.

Originally she was still distressing over how to convince the Emperor and Empress Dowager. But she was restricted by her harem status so those words could not be said.

The Imperial Tutor thus assisted her immensely. If she is able to make Bai Ruoqi the Crown Princes Imperial Concubine, she must prepare a few precious gifts to really thank the Imperial Tutor!

That year when the Crown Prince became his disciple, it was the correct choice!

Listening to this, the Emperor thought those words sounded fair and did not refute them.

Thinking over it, the Imperial Empress Dowager spoke out carefully to supplement her previous words: Emperor, allowing Bai RuoLi to marry into the Palace may not necessarily be helping her. If you truly wish the best for her, then you should not make her the Crown Princes Imperial Concubine. And this way, you will be truly making the best decision for Bai Liufeng!

The Emperor frowned at those words: What do you mean by those words?

The Imperial Empress explained: Apart from the Imperial Concubine, the Crown Prince also has four side concubines. All positions and titles that must be given in accordance to the law. As for these four side concubines, each much be chosen from prestigious families, all with talents of the second grade or higher. Bai Ruoli possesses a physique that does not allow her to cultivate, so even if she were to sit on the position of Imperial Concubine, how can she possibly suppress the four side concubines? Im afraid in the Crown Princes palace, it would be hard to avoid being bullied everyday.

This was a big fact. A very reasonable argument.

As a result, after listening to their arguments, the Emperors biggest misgiving had been expelled. All that remained was a final sliver of hesitation.

But, Wuwei Manor did mistreat Bai Ruoli..

This is very simple, The Imperial Tutor cut in this time: My Emperor, you can make a personal edict to punish Bai Liujing to denounce him of his crimes, but leave Bai Ruoqi out! Is he not forcefully occupying Bai Ruolis personal assets? Order him to return it double the value to Bai Ruoli and apologise on the spot. And for his daughters future, he will definitely agree!

The Emperor nodded his head.

The Imperial Tutor continued at this signal: As for Bai Ruolis matters, this can be easily solved. Since there are still so many other Princes needing to select their concubines, apart from the Crown Prince, which ever one she takes fancy to shall be given to her for marriage! She is already a Lord, so we might as well add the title of Princess. For the marriage dowry, we shall give her the same status like a Princess. In this way, who will dare complain that the Emperor is mistreating Bai Liufengs daughter?

Considering for a period more, the Emperor finally gave in.

The Imperial Tutor speaks great truth, thenthen we shall act like so!

The Emperor and company left the study and returned to the banquet hall. Unexpectedly, it was not tranquil at all.

Just as the Emperor and company left, the Bai Ruoqi slowly walked down from the stage.

On the way, not a single golden spooned young lady dared to make eye contact. The entire hall was exceptionally quiet.

Intimidating the entire scene, Bai Ruoqi felt quite pleased.

She turned her head to look at Bai Ruoqi.

She wished to see how clever and eloquent, crafty this damned girl could still be. Could she possibly be shivering from head to toe, paralysed to putty?

On the contrary, the truth was the opposite of what she imagined.

Huang Yueli did not shake from fear, nor was she greatly startled. So much, that she didnt even bat an eye in Bai Ruoqis general direction.

Head tilted, she supported it with he hand on the table. While her other hand pick up a piece of peach paste to slowly sample it.