Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Its All Because The Cake Is Too Tasty
Chapter 254 Its all because the cake is too tasty

Furthermore, as she ate, she also smacked her lips in a most indulging way; happiness plastered across her entire face.

Bai Ruoqi practically turned green and couldnt help but say: Bai Ruoli, what are you doing?

Only then did Huang Yueli notice her. Turning her head, she blinked her large watery eyes and displayed an innocent and pure smile. She then ate the remaining half of the peach cake.

Eh? Second sister, Im eating peach cakes? You couldnt have never tried them before? Let me tell you ah, this is very delicious; sweet and fragrant, soft and sticky. The Royal Palaces Chefs skills are too good! Hurry up and come taste them!

Bai Ruoqis forehead muscles tensed together as a flaming ball of anger rose in her heart, about to explode any minute.

Everyone else looked at Huang Yueli in shock as they wondered if Third Young Miss Bais brain was broken or too filled with s**t?

Could she not see? Bai Ruoqi planned to seek her debts!

Just then infront of the Empress Dowager, Huang Yueli made Bai Ruoqi suffer such a big loss and nearly captured for punishment. So now after Bai Ruoqis display of her prowess, she planned to use her power to prove her unshakable status.

Bai Ruoqi planned to take revenge for the past event!

As long as she did not disfigure or disable Huang Yueli, in face of her astonishing talent, the Emperor will not punish her too severely.

Was Huang Yueli unable to make heads or tails of the circumstances or what?

Instead of hurriedly begging for forgiveness, she was still in the mood to eat? And deliberately brought a piece over for Bai Ruoqi to eat?

Later, she wouldnt even know how she died!

Only Li Moying did not worry for Huang Yueli in the slightest. He was looking at the little fox with a mixture of love and hate.

Looking at the remains of the cake still lingering on her tender lips, he resisted the urge to rush over and lick it off.

This little thing.why, even her calculating manner appeared so adorable?

Everytime he wished to give up, he could not help by pay attention to her. Everytime, without reason, his gaze was drawn back to her

Only, this adorable wittiness did not belong to him

Choking for a moment and maybe because Bai Ruoqis opinion of herself had changed, she did not flare up in anger.

Looking at Huang Yueli with hatred, she questioned: Bai Ruoli, your stupidity act, did you really not see my display just then? You did not see my cultivation?

Huang Yueli batted her eyes, Eh, ah? I really didnt take notice, its all because the cake is too tasty

This caused Bai Ruoqi to erupt, Bai Ruoli, you still dare act?

When did I act?

Huang Yuelis voice sounded as innocent as it could be.

Clenching her teeth, Bai Ruoqi glared at her. She could not believe it. Even with things reaching this degree, this damned girl she still held the ability to anger people to death!

If changed to normal times, she would have long taken out her whip. Fortunately she had some sense, she knew that if she acted this way infront of the Emperor, the titles of vicious and merciless will truly be solidified on her name.

Now, even those her current reputation was a bit tarnished, it could not influence her becoming the Crown Prince Imperial Concubine. But she did not wish for others to see her make a fool of herself again.

Realising this point, Bai Ruoqi released a breath and forcibly smothered the rage within.

Bai Ruoli, the events earlier this morning, you forgot this quickly? Infront of the Empress Dowager, you deliberately framed me ruining my name. You want this matter to pass over so easily?